Thursday, 16 July 2015

Stock Take - July - 01

I have decided to create my own stock taking series just to tell you about the things happening in my life currently. And it will be weekly. Lol. It will improve as we go on. So kicking off today's post:

Reading: OMG!! I am currently reading Armed and Glamorous by Ellen Byerrum. This book is fantastic. I will soon do posts based on this. It has so much great fashion and the lead character is a fashion reporter with a newspaper article title 'Crime of Fashion'. Now, in my book loving excitement, I just bought a novel that I already have and already read, so if anyone of you wants a Jane Green novel, titled 'The Other Woman', contact me via my social media handles and we can talk about it.

Googling: Lol.. I am currently googling how to walk without getting dust on the back of your foot. But it has brought all things biblical. Anyone has a remedy on how to lift legs without carrying dust along?

Fitness : I think I will go back to exercising and get back next week with better results. I included it here for accountability.

Wearing:  A black tank top, a zebra print skirt, fitted jacket and black flats. Oooh, a purple scarf and purple water bottle. I call these accessories chile.

Eating : Chicken gizzards.. Lol... I just discovered a place where they roast them nicely and ooh my!! I'm hungry.

Snacking: On Crisps.. Favorite snack after fresh melon juice.

Obsessing: I am currently obsessing over my novels.. Even my phone games have taken a back seat. Let's learn new vocabulary people.

Pinning: Lots of photos .. Check my pinterest.. Link is here

Gramming : My recent outfit photos.. here

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