Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Stock Take - December - 05

The year is over. Goodness. A lot has happened in 2015. But we have a lot to be thankful for.

Reading : I made a mistake of bringing only one novel upcountry - which I was reading here.  I have been reading newspapers and counting days when I'll lay my hands on the stack of unread books I left behind.

Watching : Nothing. Literally nothing.

Googling : Rather being on social media most of the free time.

Drinking : Lots of soda. Every body just buys them in excess on Christmas and when you visit you get a bottle and they can't take no for an answer. Sigh. I've had enough to take me through months.

Eating : Meat. And I mean loads and loads. This is something I've also had enough of.

Listening : To Fourfiveseconds by Rihanna n Kanye. I'm loving it.

Obsessing : Over my family. I love them. Glad to be with them. We've had a good laugh for the days we've been together.

Wearing : T-shirt and jeans. Upcountry ain't no joke with farm work. Loads of chores to do. Loads. By evening you are so worn out sleeping ain't a second thought.

Thankful : For all God has done for us in 2015. Thankful for my wonderful man. We've come from far to this day and we don't take it for granted. He has blessed us. And we can only believe for a better 2016.

I wish all of you my wonderful readers a prosperous 2016.

Much love,

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Packing for Travel

I did a post on dressing for travel here and thought it would be a good idea to help people pack. Yes. Pack. I see you. Three suitcases for a three day four night stay. Let them fit a suitcase and a handbag. Yes. One. A sizeable one. How so?
1. Destination.
Where are you going? What's the main pass time activity? Game drives? Sitting by the beach and sight seeing the town?
If it's game drives, the weather might be fair so we rule out heavy sweaters. Bring light ones for the evening chill. Bring a pair of neutral boots (can be paired with most outfits) for the game drives and two pairs of shorts. A maximum of four tops is okay just to allow you some variety while at it.
For the beach settings, get you three bikinis at most and a sizeable towel. Not one that occupies half the suitcase. And two pairs of shorts. You could wear your bikini under your shorts. And these shorts double up as your sight seeing outfits. You need to bring light shoes here. Maybe a pair of sandals and some sneakers/rubbers.
One night gown is enough.

2. Occasion
Will you be attending any special event while at the trip? Consider a light outfit. Not layers and layers of material that make up your event dress. If it's more than one occasion, be smart and bring a neutral pair of heels that will take you through all events.
Keep the accessories neutral as well. And make up  you only need. Not the whole of your dressing table.

3. Personal Stuff
Mostly oils. Body oil, sunscreen, make up you need, lip balm in your handbag, etc.

Bring only things you need without going through what ifs. What if I need this top and I don't have it with me? No. (Anybody read the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella? Becky? Don't be her.) Be decisive and you'll have less stress over your trip.

The purpose of a holiday is to relax and have fun. Have that in mind and you'll be happy.

Enjoy yourselves this Christmas.

As always,

Stock Take - December - 04

Christmas is tomorrow!! Unbelievable. But I'm part of the less enthusiastic crew. Wanting to get it done with and go back to normalcy. Sigh.
Live from upcountry (Mwingi), here goes the stock take for the week that was:

Reading : I've managed to read Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella and currently reading Stolen by Lesley Pearse. Twenties Girl is super hilarious. Enough said. I wish I could have finished Stolen but preparing for Christmas is no joke. Especially running errands with a deadline. Sigh.

Watching : Soaps. Especially between 5-7pm weekdays. I don't know when I went against my word on not getting addicted to the Soaps again. Lol. No willpower.

Googling : About authors. Every day I discover a new author and I just want to know more about them.

Drinking :Green tea.

Eating : Chapati. Christmas ain't Christmas without these. I finally cooked them after more than two years. I'm happy that I still got it!!!

Listening : To good for you by Selena Gomez. First time listening to her song and I like it.

Obsessing : Over my handbags. Just that.

Wondering : What's all the obsession with star wars? It used to be game of thrones (which I have unapologetically not watched and will not) now it's this. Sigh. What is this??

Wearing : Brown skirt, jungle green vest. And topped up with a headscarf. Upcountry chores need cover up.

Knowing : That I have all the power in my hands and God's guidance to tune my 2016 to my favour.

Merry Christmas to y'all!!!!

It's not too late to send presents.. I'm taking books and all their accessories.

As always,

Monday, 21 December 2015

MS07 - Gents and Shoes - Part I

"Shoes are always the most important thing for me because they are who you are. They change the way you walk, the way you move. " - Tom Ford

A man's shoes are a big part of his outfit. They contribute a huge percentage to how the outfit combination will turn out. You can't afford to get these wrong. Your style is on the line here.

This is a huge category so we focus on dress shoes for today.

1. The Oxfords

These are the oldest in the business. Still timeless. Still fashionable. Still making a statement. They can be dressed up (formal wear) or down (casually). All in all they make a statement. For the formal wear, it's best to stick to the dark brown and black leather.

How do you differentiate the oxford shoe from the derby shoe?
The difference is in the lacing.The oxford shoe has a closed lacing (the facing is stitched on under the vamp).

2. The Derby Shoe

Dressing for Travel

It's the Christmas season. The time when most people go on holiday. But getting your dressing all wrong from the time you leave the house could be a headache for you.
How do you dress up for the journey itself? 

1. Be fresh in the morning. 
A good night's rest means a lot on a traveling day and it has to be part of the preparation for the travel. Get your caffeine if that's what you do every morning as a change of routine will be bad for you. 

2. Light/Simple make up
 Go easy on the make up. You don't want to be feeling all uncomfortable as this could be a long and sweaty affair and minimal to zero visits to the bathroom to powder your nose, touch up the lipstick et cetera. Keep it easy and comfortable.

3. Light dressing
Forget the trench coats(in rain or in cold). Otherwise layer up on light sweaters and scarves that you take off easily ones it's hot. Light outfits occupy less space as well so if you are taking them off, they could easily fit into your handbag or carry on bag. Now envision trying to force a trench coat into a handbag.. Get the picture? Good.
Also let the clothing be loose. Tight ones get  a little uncomfortable after a while and our goal is to travel in as much comfort as we can.
Stick to dark colors when traveling. Black is especially good as it will hide spillages of any kind or marks or any crumbled spot. 

4. Low and light shoes
Go for ballet flats. Or better, go for sneakers. These will give your feet comfort as you wear them with socks to ensure minimum strain to your feet. They are also good in case you have to stand for a long time or have to wait at the terminus for hours (you never know. It's better to be prepared).

5. Accessories
Go easy on the earrings. If possible go for studs as opposed to dangling ones. These could get caught in your hair, clothes and will be a distraction and maybe a bother while you are trying to carry your bags. 

6. Hair
It would be best to keep your hair off your face. And tie it up if possible. Just to minimize interference. 

7. Essentials
Keep your essential stuff (phone, passport-if international, ticket, diary and other miscellaneous stuff) in your handbag. This is for easy and fast access in case those things are needed .You can keep your lip balm in here as well and leave space for the scarf and sweater mentioned up there.

Hope this is of help. Now done your sunglasses and walk with your head high. Wish you are relaxing Holiday.

As always,

Sunday, 20 December 2015

#MDAReview - 'E' is for Evidence - Sue Grafton

200 pages.
24 Chapters.
The main character is Kinsey Millhone. Private investigator in California. Aged 32. Divorced twice.
It's almost Christmas. Kinsey works part time for California Fidelity. An insurance firm. And she is investigating a fire that happened at Wood/Warren - a company whose warehouse burned down.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Stock Take - December - 03

Diving right in :
Reading : Since last post, I've read Seven up and Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich, Then 'E' is for Evidence by Sue Grafton and today I've finished Remember me by Sophie Kinsella. I feel that Janet and Sue Grafton have a common writing style and their characters are really alike. A bounty hunter vs a private investigator. Both live in sorry apartments. Don't have much. They eat sandwiches for dinner. Don't shop groceries. Etc. Got to do a book review soon.

Monday, 14 December 2015

MS06 - Of Men And Watches

"I have a weakness for watches. I have to stop myself from buying more." 
- Tom Jones

Time is gone when a watch was made for the sole purpose of telling time. Nowadays a watch is seen as part of a person's personal style. It will be judged the same way your socks, ties, shirts and shoes are judged. Accessorizing perfectly.
You have to be good enough to choose a watch that goes from work to play or choose a watch for every occasion.

We focus on choosing a watch for the occasion:
1. Practicality : Where will you wear it. You will not wear a diamond engraved Cartier watch outdoors while hiking or running. You will most likely go for a rubber one with a compass feature, etc.

2. Special Occasion : The diamond engraved Cartier watch will be perfect for special occasions where you need to dress up once in a while.

3. Matching Jewellery : Referring to our first post on this series, we mentioned matching of jewellery. So this is also a factor to consider when choosing which watch to wear.

Down to business now:

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Stock Take - December - 02

Reading - This week I read Sizzling Sixteen (by Janet Evanovich), then started on Fresh Disasters by Stuart Woods which didn't get my focus away from Janet making it impossible to read it. I fortunately came across two Janet books on Tuesday and I'm now reading Seven Up by her. The good part is I snagged a Harry Potter book for a cool hundred bob. A clear win on that one. Can't wait to land more. Life is good in the bookworm world.

Watching  - Basketball wives sn 3 and 4. Repeating it since I watched back in 2012 (or is it 2013) but needed a refresher. Lol.

Googling - About Watches for my next men episode on the blog. Catch the previous ones MS05, MS04, MS03, MS02 and MS01.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

MS05 - Men's Socks

"A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between, he wears a comfortable pair of socks" _ Bob Dylan

The basic rule of thumb about socks used to be (or rather, still is) The color of your socks should match the color of your trousers. Black socks, black pants, grey on grey, etc. Which is an okay look for the corporate business setting but too dull for adventurous dressers. 

In this era, socks have evolved from being basic feet covering garments to being king of the whole outfit. They are no longer the insignificant accessory that you used to put on without a second thought. Now we have big brands coming up like the happy socks. 
This is not to say that people are still not getting them wrong. Especially now that they are colorful and

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

MerilynReverie 01 - Discovering Me

"You will either step forward into growth , or you will step backward into safety." - Abraham Maslow

In the journey of self discovery, things change, and interests as well. We embrace diversity, the want for global appeal, etc.
In my case, I thought I could have a blog (mylynmoulds) that showed my personal style but I was not satisfied with that. 
I took that blog down. I then started another one (D'Africanmama) which was going well but I felt like

Friday, 4 December 2015

Stock Take - December - 01

Reading : This week I have read, Pretend you don't see her by Mary Higgins Clark, High Five by Janet Evanovich and I am currently reading Ten Big Ones also by Janet Evanovich. Janet does it for me. I can visualize Stephanie Plum and I have decided never to watch the movie made from the first book in the series to avoid disappointment. I want to keep my mental images. 

Watching : Nothing out of the normal programming. I have got a few series from the movie shop and I'm all set for the weekend.

Googling : All about men for my #MenSeries posts. I am discovering interesting things.

MS04 - Matching Ties and Shirts

 “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.”– Charles Hix

The tricky act of matching ties and suits depends on several factors, the major one being color , pattern and tonal variation.
Rule of thumb that applies to most of these situations, the tie's color(whether plain or patterned should be a contrast to the shirt color); make sure one item pops more than the other.

1. Pattern
You can pair a patterned tie with a patterned shirt as long as the patterns are not the same.  e.g. if the shirt has a small check, let the tie be a large stripe or large check, and vice versa.

A horizontal patterned shirt should be paired with a vertical patterned tie and vice versa.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Stock Take - November - 04

Another week is gone.. And dare I say December is in the corner.. As in so near we can already see it's shadow.. Oh my goodness.. The year is over!
It's sunny today.. Rainy as hell yesterday.. Hope tomorrow will be sunny.
This week's stock take:

Reading : Done reading Three To Get Deadly.. And Plum Lovin (a between the numbers novel) super hilarious. Stephanie plum pretends to get married just so that they could get her sister Valerie and boyfriend/baby daddy married.Don't want to spoil it for you in case you want to read it. Then I read , Hot Six  and Twelve Sharp all by Janet Evanovich. And this morning I've started on Pretend You Don't See Her by Mary Higgins Clark.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

MS03 - Tie Colors, Their Meaning and Your Personality(2)

”A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” – Oscar Wilde

This is a continuation of the previous post on ties.

7. Orange tie

 This is a happy color. Almost a wild card. Shows you are enthusiastic,energetic, open-minded and adventurous. But could also be read as egocentricity and dominance. It's the perfect tie for creating a memorable first impression. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

MS02 - Tie Colors, Their Meanings and Your Personality

"Neck ties satisfy the modern man's desire to dress in art" 
- Harry Anderson 
Most professional men wear ties. In some offices it is mandatory to wear a tie. Most men stick to the same color or different shades of the same color. Others wear different colors depending on occasion. 
What does this all mean?

1. Red Tie

This is referred to as the power tie. It means business!!! It's a reaffirmation of strength, authority and dominance in the professional world. It is associated with passion, love and it is attention -grabbing. 
It is a bold look that will make you the center of attention so if that is not what you are going for, tone it down to a darker shade of red. It is best paired with a light shirt and a dark suit.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Stock Take - November - 03

Howdy? Hope y'all are keeping warm because.. CT!! Can't Take!! (In Yandy Smith's voice). This cold is something else hunni. And the rain. I wish it would just rain during the night then a little sun comes out during the day. Sigh. If wishes were horses.

Let's kick off the stock take:
Reading : If you check my previous stock take post , I was super excited on landing an Evanovich book that morning. But later in the afternoon, I landed three more. THREE!!!!! Yes. I was skipping all over the road heading home.My week was great. I managed to read One for the Money, Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich and also finished on Zapped by Carol Higgins Clark. I'm currently reading Social Graces by Dixie Browning. This is the life. 

Watching: Normal TV programming. No time for extras especially with all these books.. Yes ma'am!
Googling : nothing. Face-booking and tweeting. Let's connect on social media here.
Drinking : Trying to improve on my water intake. 
Eating : Bae's fried beef. It's no surprise that he cooks better than me. And the love he puts into it. I cook more out of routine than to please. LOL. Hope he doesn't see this. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

#MDAReview - Do You Promise Not To Tell? (Mary Jane Clark)

Wassup everybody? (in my excited voice)
This book has:
139 chapters.
303 pages.
The first exciting thing about this novel from the cover is the relation of the author to Mary Higgins Clark. She is her former daughter-in-law. Their novels are suspense/mystery and I love love love them!!
At the beginning of the novel, I get a little confused with the introduction of the many characters but get the hang of it later as the story develops.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Stock take - November - 02

Another week gone and oh my .. how many days is it to Christmas? I sure wasn't ready.
How awesome is it that there is a book vendor at every corner of the streets? Apparently I think I now know who is in business with who and who is related to who.. *sigh*   .. Some even agree to call you when your favorite author lands.. Hunni, the world is at peace here.. All planets are in order (insert Momma Dee's voice).
Book Addiction is real right here fam.. 

Let's kick off the stock take:

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

MS01 - Accessories Men Should Wear

"A man's got two shots for jewellery : A wedding ring and a watch. The watch is easier to get on and off than a wedding ring." - John Mayer

We will kick off with the jewellery part.
Men look way better when they keep it minimal. Go for the basics that are important. To add to John Mayer's list:
i) A wedding ring - If you are married. This is part of the jewellery you can wear. Some people keep it versatile and stylish by having different bands to match with their outfits.

ii) A watch - Every man is defined by his time piece. This is something that you can not compromise on and again, there is a wide range to choose from.

iii) Cuff links -  Of course we had to add these. Every corporate man knows these come in handy. There are a huge arrays of designs that they come in and you could get yourself several of these.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

#MDAReview - Blood Orchid(Stuart Woods)

The setting of this book is in a small town called Orchid Beach in Florida.
It has:
65 chapters. 
342 Pages. 
The lead character is Holly Barker. She is police chief of Orchid Beach. She is meeting her dad Ham for dinner when she runs into Ed Shine and they become quick friends. Ed Shine is into real estate and had just moved to Florida. Word was that he had retired from the business and sold his share of the business to his partner. He invited Holly and Ham over to his house to see the Orchids he was growing.
While in the greenhouse, gunshots are fired and Holly, Ham and Ed are on the ground. The bullet missed Ed by a whisker.
Two property developers have already been killed. What connection do they have with Ed Shine?
. Who tried to kill Ed Shine?
. What is an undercover FBI doing in Orchid Beach?
. What is shady about Palmetto Gardens?
A book full of misery, suspense, lots of what ifs and predictions. You got to lay your fingers on this one.
Till next book,

Stock Take - November - 01

November has kicked off in high gear.. I think people are rushing to achieve the resolutions they set back in January. Relax people. Check your track record and be grateful for what you have achieved even if it was not part of your resolutions.
Kicking off this month's stock take :
Reading: I have read a lot of books in the last week. Mary Jane Clark's Do You Promise Not To Tell?, Janet Evanovich's Lean Mean Thirteen and Stuart Woods' Blood Orchids. I started reviewing some of the books I read see here. It will get better as I get the hang of it.
Watching : I've finished watching The Player. Real exciting movie to watch.
Googling : I'm mostly googling authors I have an interest in. Especially those that have books in series. Can't believe that the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich is already at number twenty two yet I've only read four. The excitement of laying my fingers on the others is real.. I can only imagine for now *sigh*
Drinking : Mango juice. I've had a lot of it this week!

Monday, 2 November 2015

#MDAReview - Finger Licking Fifteen (Janet Evanovich)

Book reviews - however amateur they are - might be quite a lot in the next few days. Fasten your seat belt and let's take a ride to Trenton, New Jersey. A little town where everybody knows everybody.
 20 Chapters. 
330 pages. 
A Stephanie Plum novel
As said, the main character is a lady by the name Stephanie Plum. She works for her cousin as a bounty hunter. She has a 'kick ass grandma going by the name grandma Mazur.
Back up a bit..
This is the fifteenth book in the Stephanie Plum series. I've read Four To Score (the fourth book) and Eleven on Top (the eleventh book). The great thing is, you don't necessarily have to have read one book to get the flow of the others.
Back to Stephanie. She has an on and off relationship with a cop named Joe Morelli and a 'confused' relationship with skilled bounty hunter cum security entrepreneur nicknamed Ranger whose security firm is known as Rangeman.
Stephanie and Morelli are off for now.
There is Lula. A file clerk at the bonds office where Stephanie works. A fat former 'ho who will tear you apart if you call her fat ; but eats chicken for six. And carries a gun, pepper spray and any other weapon that she could use to protect herself.
The main storyline here focuses on a celebrity chef who gets his head chopped off just before a cook off competition takes place.
Lula witnesses the murder.
A prize of a million dollars is promised to anyone who brings in the killers.
Another thing taking place is, some of the residents Ranger has provided a security system with are being robbed.
. Will Ranger find out who is trying to sabotage his firm?
. Do you think Morelli and Ranger hate each other because they both like Stephanie?
. Will the chef killers be caught?
. Will Stephanie and Morelli get back together?
. Will Lula go on the cruise she really wants?

You got to read the book to find out.
As always,

Friday, 30 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 05

Phew.. This month is really long .. Five weeks according to my stock take series..
It's all good though.. The month ends tomorrow.. Woop woop..

Let's kick it off:

Reading : I have managed to read two books this past week.. Talk of curling in bed all day with a book addiction.. yeah. A Janet Evanovich book "Thanksgiving" and a Michelle Cunnah book "32AA" - 'size does matter'. This is hilarious. 32AA is the bra size of the main character whose father is a plastic surgeon and his friends keep suggesting that she gets implants. It's a great read. Kicking off a Mary Jane Clark book over the weekend. It's a wonder that she is a former daughter-in-law to Mary Higgins Clark.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

SS04 - Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Hi everybody? (Sophie's voice in 2 Broke Girls)
How you doin? (Wendy Williams Voice)
Lol.. In my own voice now, wassup people? Which shoes do you have on today? And which ones did you leave at home? Do you need more shoes? Yes for me!! 

Let's see which shoes we should have in our closets. If you are guilty of having pumps only, ballet flats only, join this class asap and let's update ourselves.

1. The Classic Pump
You can never go wrong with a classic, statement-making pump. In either black or nude or own both!! 

Monday, 26 October 2015

SS03 - Types of Flats

"I cannot concentrate in flat shoes" - Victoria Beckham
Ahem!! We can. So ;
"I always wear flats because I can't walk in anything else" - Sadie Frost

Most of us love a good pair of flats.. Anything flat. Ballet, sandals, boots, as long as it is flat. Sigh, getting used to the comfort.
We will see the different types of flats we have:
1Loafers: These are shoes that do not have lacing or any fastening system.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 04

The elnino is here in full swing.. OMG. I just realized I can't handle what I was asking for. It rained all night and I had forgotten a couple of denim pants on the hanging line.. *sigh*

Reading : I dedicated the better part of yesterday to finishing up on Alma Mater by Rita Mae Brown. I have mixed feelings about whether I would want my kids to read that before they clear high school. I will not expound on it but the bottom line, the book tells parents to respect whichever choice their children make in life. 

Watching: A repeat of love and hip hop.. I love the craziness.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

SS02 - Types of Heels

     “If you haven’t got it, fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!”
Victoria Beckham

Heels are a wardrobe essential. Most of y'all own a pair, pairs, many pairs or a loooott of pairs. Create that mental picture with me. 
On Victoria's quote, I say too tall, wear heels too. The walking bit is subject for another day. lol.

Let's see the different types of heels we have:
1. Kitten heels: These are low heeled shoes that provide comfort on top of fashion. They are great for occasions where you have to walk around a lot and for days when you don't need the extra height. 
2. Pumps : The most common for of heels hence being referred to as just high heels. They are narrow to the front and about 3 inches high.
3. Stilettos : Have a staggering heel heading to almost 7". Some have an added platform to aid in walking.. Leave this to the experts. 

Monday, 19 October 2015

SS01 - Types Of Shoes

Hey y'all,
Hope you are kicking off the week in high gear.. It's started off rainy but it's a sign that you can now work the layering magic and be fabulous.. *dusts boots and coats*.

We have so many types of shoes in this world, (going by different designs and names). We will try to list all.
Kick off:

 1. Boots - This refers to footwear which covers the entire foot and extends to the height of the anklebone or up to the thigh.

2. Heels - These are shoes that have a higher pointed, blocked or wedged back to elongate someone's frame when word. Add a few inches.

3. Flats - These are low shoes without any added height factor in them. Could be described as the shoe that makes the heel without the elongating factor.


Friday, 16 October 2015

Stock Take- October - 03

Hey y'all,
El nino kicked off and stopped almost immediately. But I feel like it was warning us that it is still on its way and we should be prepared. Don't be caught offguard.
Kicking off this week's stock take:

Reading: I am done reading Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich. I so love these Stephanie Plum series by her. I then started on Alma Mater by Rita Mae Brown but it is not that interesting to me.. The real story has started in chapter 8. I like books that kick off in high gear not give narrations. Anyway, I'll try to finish it. I am so happy I got my brother to join in the band wagon of reading novels. Amen.
Watching : Baby Daddy sn 3 and 4 and the first four episode of LHH Hollywood.. I have re-watched these for like 5 times and I can't wait for the full series.. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

JS03 - Jewellery Storage

Wassup everybody,

As jewellery lovers, we have at one time run out of space to store them and has to pile them in small containers. This becomes a real crisis when you need to wear something that is beneath the rest and you have to spread them out and untangle them properly because some are so delicate. This is a super time consuming process.
I will focus on how I usually store my jewellery since there are many methods and every one has ways that work for them.

So we will get to see which methods are best to store different jewellery.

1) Earrings
These are solid pieces that don't tangle and can be kept together. So a cup, container(box) or small basket would be best to keep these. They also need to be in a space of their own because some are small and might get lost if inappropriately stored. I forgot to get a pic of the small button earrings storage box. It's a candy container that I transformed into a storage box. I hold most of my earrings described here as trend follower kind of stuff in this basket. I arrange them nicely to make sure they do not tangle. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 02

Reading: I just finished reading Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich. And I have started on Eleven on Top by her. I am officially on a mission to collect her books. More than fifteen. I have four now. And I know now that my favorite genre of books is mystery/suspense. And I am exited because the guy I buy books from promised to keep all Evanovich books for me immediately they come in. Yaaayyy!!
Watching: Blood, Sweat and Heels sn 2. Heartbreaking to see the lovely Daisy fighting cancer. But she is a real motivation. Worked all through the chemotherapy and radiation. She is a real fighter.I love it. And baby daddy sn 2.Hilarious.
Googling: clothes.. especially cold weather ones.. Preparation for el nino is real.

JS04 - Jewellery Cleaning

Totally Unrelated.. The rain is here.. Woop woop.. I can layer up all I want. But there is still some heat in the air that almost made me sick when people decide to keep all windows closed in a bus and it was a process of 'I breath out,you breath in' kind of situation. Great thing I made it to town without throwing up. God bless me with this or a car. Amen.

Moving on to jewellery.
1. Silver Jewellery
This can be scrubbed. But you got to do it right. You can use toothpaste. Take a toothbrush that you don't use and scrub the paste softly on the silver. Then rinse with warm water.
Another method is to take a bowl, lay aluminum foil on the base of the bowl. Then let your silver lie on the foil. Sprinkle baking soda on it. Then pour hot water on it. Bubbles will come up and you have to wait till they die down. you can then fish out your silver. Sparkling. 

2. Gold jewellery
Gold plated jewellery should never be scrubbed or soaked at all. Pure gold can be scrubbed. Warm water, dish soap and a toothbrush is all that is needed. Soak it for like 3 minutes and scrub gently focusing on crevices where there could be dirt. Then fish out and rinse with warm water inspecting whether it need another round of soaking.

Monday, 12 October 2015

JS03 - Jewellery and Personality

"I always accessorize with jewelry. I am a bit of  a magpie; I love sparkles, and so wearing jewellery makes me feel more exciting and confident too!" - Amber Le Bon
The jewellery you wear says a lot about you. Someone will b comfortable wearing just studs while another will want very detailed dangling earrings. These show different personalities
 1. Statement Seeker
Big. Bold. Lots of metal. No one notices anything else apart from your jewellery. It shows that you want to make a statement in a different way but you don't know how just yet and this is the best way to do as per now.

2. Classic Elegance
Pearls. Tennis bracelets. Small earrings. Never gone near large earrings. You are a classic. Confident in your skin. You carry yourself with elegance. 

3. It's All About Me
 You wear necklaces and rings with your initials or full names. You could have been part of the cheer-leading squad. Maybe at one time you wear mean and a bully. You want people to know who you are. You want to go to places where people will notice you. But you dress well. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 01

How soon is Christmas approaching?? Jeez. All I am waiting for is the rain since I can't stand the heat. Too much. But I don't want the El-nino. .sigh. Wish we had choices. 
Kicking off this month's stock take:

Reading: I have become a major fan of Janet Evanovich and I just read another book of hers Metro Girl and she did not disappoint at all. I love love love the way she makes women heroes.

Watching: The Haves and the HaveNots season 4, If loving you is wrong sn 1 and I can't wait to lay my hands on season 2 of blood sweat and heels later on today. Weekend set!!!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Stock Take - September - 04

It's Saturday and it has hit me just now that I didn't do this week's stock take. It's been hectic but I just got to settle a few hours ago.
Well,  as we watch the premier league, let's settle down to this,
Reading : Nothing at the moment. Took a break for newspapers. Will resume next week.
Watching : Currently watching man United play Sunderland. Over the week I've watched lots of shows that, sn 1 of blood,  sweat n heels,  Hollywood divas sn 2, baby daddy sn 2.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Stock Take - September - 03

A saying goes that if you are a reader you get to travel with the characters and have their experiences. That's why reading has become one of my best pass times.
Wassup people, hope you keeping off the Nairobi heat.
Reading : As I write this, I have just concluded reading Dan Simmons 'Fires of Eden'. It is an interesting read but a bit too detailed on history which I don't like. But it's intriguing talking about ghosts living in volcanic mountains in Hawaii. And a line in there goes,  Trumbo looked at the little woman as if she had began talking in Swahili. I like it when some writers touch close home.
Watching : The Haves And the HaveNots. Addictive. Le mr has been late for work twice because we watched this till late in the night and slept past the alarm. Lol. All good though.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Stock Take - September - 02

 "Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation and a pinch of creativity" - Bo Bennett

I have had a great week. Though a bit lazy compared to last week.
But here we are and I am super duper excited about this new post. And super duper excited about some of the things I will share with you soon when they come to fruition. Can't wait.
Kicking off,

Reading : I just finished reading 'Four to Score' by Janet Evanovich. This is the fourth book in a series with the lead character Stephanie Plum who is a bounty hunter. I loved it!!

Googling : Handbags.. The obsession is real.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

JS02 - Necklaces for Necklines

          "I'm a big believer that accessories can make or break a look" - Nina Garcia

Hello everybody,
Necklaces are great accessories that most people throw on without a second thought. Have you asked yourself why we have pendants, chokers, bibs, chains, etc?
It's because each has it's purpose and time to be worn.

Below is an image of the different necklines that come with most outfits.

To accessorize each neckline,

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Stock Take - September - 01

            "Change can be scary, but you know what's scarier? Allowing Fear to stop you from Growing, Evolving and Progressing"  - Mandy Hale

A lot of change is about to happen in my life and my routine and a lot of things. I am scared of all the changes and this quote is all I needed to pick myself up and inject a triple dose of confidence to ensure that I grow, evolve and progress.
Kicking off this week's series:

Reading: The Cousins by Rona Jaffe. A book that focuses on cousins and their families and how their parents always emphasized on them living together an running family businesses and how the children finally married and scattered all over getting together only when necessary mostly during funerals. It also touches slightly on a spouse cheating on their partner and the partner retaliating on the same and realizing it's not worth it.

Monday, 31 August 2015


Everyone has those things that they really want and other people can't seem to really understand the obsession. BUT ... Never apologize for your obsessions.   As long as they hurt nobody.

Here are mine..

1. Speed Bike
This has been an obsession for a very long time. I can picture myself cruising at top speed all 'armored'  then stop and remove my helmet and flip my hair. Yes. That's my motivation towards achieving this goal.
I want a Kawasaki in green, grey or black and white. Can't choose. Can someone buy several 'bodies' of it and be changing once in a while?
Don't forget about the gear!!! Classic!!!!

2. Designer Bags
My love for handbags surpasses my love for any other accessory. A few years ago jewellery would have been taking this position; but after having lots of it and not feeling like all chunky this time, handbags win big time.
It takes a lot of saving for some of us to be able to afford the bags in designer(knock offs are plenty in the market) but we got to deal with the 'inspired' versions of the real stuff.
Looking to owning the YSL, LV, CC, Chloe, Givenchy, Dior, the list is endless.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Stock Take - August - 04

My birthday month is coming to an end. It's a surprise I did not eat lots of cake this month compared to other months.. But boy.. Did I gobble down those fries.. I need to get something healthy to eat in place of fries every time I have the urge to eat them.. For now watermelons do the trick but fries overpower them sometimes..
Kicking off the last stock take of the month.

Reading: This is a very interesting book. The setting is in Botswana and I like the way the writer describes scenes until you can picture them in your mind. This is the beauty of experiencing places without having to travel. The reading power. And more exciting is the fact that Nairobi is mentioned several as a very developed city. The book is "No.1 Ladies Detective Agency" by Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith. It is a series of books and this is the first one so I am looking forward to getting my hands on the rest of them.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

JS01 - Types of Jewellery

     "Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that makes you feel unique"   -    
                                                    Jennie Kwon

Most of us love jewellery. Be it a simple pair of stud earrings or a chunky attention grabbing piece, we all own a piece of jewelry.
We will look at different types of jewelry so that the next time you go looking for something you like, you will know it's name. Not calling it 'that thing worn here(pointing to a body part)'.

Kick off!

This is worn around the ankle. It is mostly a basic strand but you can go all chunky if you want it to be the statement piece.

This is a ring that you wear on you finger. eg. A wedding ring. 

A stiff circular bracelet.

 A piece of jewellery that you wear around your wrist.

A piece of jewellery with a pin on the back that you fasten to your clothes.Brooch is British. American name is pin.

A piece of jewellery with a raised  design, usually in the shape of a woman's head, on a background of a different color.

Friday, 21 August 2015

HS05 - Handbag Carrying Styles

Apparently, the way you carry your bag says a lot about you and your personality. We will look at the different styles and what they say about people and you can see where you lie

The Twofer 
 You hold your strapless bag in front of you coyly and cross your legs. You’re shy and defensive.
The Schlepper 
 You have tons of bags hanging off of you randomly stuffed with belongings. You’re disorganized, spaced out, and exhausted.
The Hands-Free
You wear a purse with a long strap and let it hang in front of what you’re wearing. Apparently, you’re youthful and nerdy.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Stock Take - August - 03

Wassup good people!!
I traveled upcountry over the weekend to celebrate my sister's graduation party. It is always good to take it there where all the oldies and grand parents are. Seeing the joy on my grand pa's face when he says 'my grand child has been crowned' is the ultimate moment. People cherish graduants over there.
You can check my instagram for photos from the event.
Kicking off the stock take:

Reading: Supposed to kick off a new book today after the short break for newspapers. I got the book yesterday but unfortunately I have not been keen on getting the name well. My bad.

Watching: 2 broke girls. Been watching it for some time now. Getting to season 3 now and the sitcom is so hilarious.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Stock Take - August - 02

 Week 2 is here and I am excited to be sharing the first stock take after my birthday.
Kick off!!

Reading: I took a break from novels to read the newspapers that were piling up unread. And to play candy crush and rail rush. Lol. We'll have something else to talk about next week.

Googling: All about ulcers. I am scared to bits because I went to a doctor yesterday only to be told to avoid spices, acidic foods, etc. I can't believe it is happening at just 23.

Monday, 10 August 2015

HS04 - Handbag Storage

Keeping on with the handbag series, we now talking about how to store your handbags.
Some of you might have seen that handbags lose shape or seem old while in storage. Apparently, this is because you store them wrongly.
The best method is where the bag will not be strained or come into contact with dust.
A cabinet divided into sections which can hold between one and three bags(horizontally) is the perfect method. This ensures that the bag is sitting well and the straps are not strained. You can also put the bag inside the wrapper it came in to prevent it from dust.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

10 Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Own By 30

Hello everyone,
I am super duper excited today because it's my 23rd birthday.. woop woop..
So I came across this list yesterday and even though I have 7 years to go before I get to 30, I need to start now and not be caught off guard...
So all fashionable sisters, take this ride with me!!!

1. A Classic Shoe
Whether it's pumps, stilettos or flats, the key is that your go-to shoe is well-designed, versatile and timeless.

2. A Great Suit
Irrespective of whether or not your daily work requires you to wear a suit, a suit that's tailored like it was made just for you will become a go-to for work meetings, interviews and anywhere else where you're meant to look chic and professional.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

HS03 - Handbag Hygiene

Well, we all know how much clatter, dust and other little things assemble at the bottom of our handbags. Research shows that 20% of handbags are contaminated with more bacteria than a toilet seat. Therefore, we need to de-clutter, clean, wipe and do all that is necessary to ensure that your handbag is not a habitat to unwanted bacteria.
It might be ink stains, gum wrappers, pieces of Kleenex, cake crumbs, etc, you got to clean it and do it right while at it.
  •  Cleaning the Inside
a) Debris
  1. Empty all contents out and turn the bag inside out(if the lining is not fixed to the bag) and shake out all debris into the dust bin.
  2. Make a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Equal parts.
  3. Take a soft cloth and rub the inside of the bag, including all compartments with the mixture.
  4. Let the inside air dry before putting it back.

Monday, 3 August 2015

HS02 - Handbags And Body Types

                        "To me accessorizing is the most fun part of an outfit. While I don't think you can rely on accessories to make a dress that isn't working work, I do love jewellery and handbags more than anything." - Anna Kendrick
Most people spot a bag, like it and dash for it without consideration .. Consideration on whether it will be perfect for your body type or carrying it to the office or whatever other occasion you have in mind for it.

Not all handbags suit all people. Read on to see where you fall.

1. Petite
The most important factor is the size of the bag you carry if you are this size.
Petite women should choose bags that are neither too bulky nor too big.  Big bags tend to overpower the small frame so they need to go for longer bags such as a rectangular tote to give the appearance of a longer torso. Petite women should also avoid over sized hobo bags as it tends to weigh down their small frame.  The best is to go for longer rather than wider. They should avoid huge prints on the bag as well and opt for vertical stripes and monochromatic colors. Cross body bags and Sling bags are also not a good idea because they overwhelm the frame. 

Stock Take - August - 01

       "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body" - Joseph Addison 

I hope you are all doing fantastic and you kicked off my birthday month in high gear!!! I am super excited as my birthday is on 6th August.. Two days to go!!!

I chose that quote because it blends the two things I am striving at most at the moment. Reading and exercising. Kicking off the stock take:

Reading: I am going back in a while since I did not do this last week.. I have read two books in the last week. One is 'Mrs. Big' by Maryann Reid and 'Lucy's Launderette' by Betsy Burke.  I like going for unpredictable authors whose story you will surprisingly find very interesting and you can't keep the book down.

Googling:  Lotsa fashion blogs.

Drinking : Real tea.

Fitness: Unfortunately nothing different from what's said here.

Wearing : Dark blue jeans, black long sleeved top, accessorizing in red( red scarf, red flats,red handbag), gold loop earrings and an afro.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Stock Take - July - 02

I am super excited about this series.. Lol..Let's get started

Reading: Goodness. I am reading, or rather, just finished reading this book earlier today. The kind of book you put down and tuck in for the night but your mind ends up thinking of what's happening next(especially towards the end) that you have to wake up and read on. It's 'Hollywood Kids' by Jackie Collins.

Googling: Handbag stuff. It's amazing how when you are interested in something you study it like class 2 maths.

Drinking : Hot water with lemon.. Trying to find out the benefits that people praise upon it.

Fitness: Ten squats every morning.. It's progress. Will be more active by next week.

Wearing : Jeans, rubbers, a t shirt. Carrying a shopper bag. Going window shopping at a market so had to be properly prepared for the hustle.

Eating : Green peas.. Thanks to my mum.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

HS01 - Types of Handbags

      " I want my handbags and my shoes to be stylish but I want to make sure that they are versatile. I travel and I have to make sure the pieces I put into my bag can go with a dress or with shorts or jeans." - Maria Sharapova

Kicking off the handbag series (HS) with the first post 01 hence HS01.

Handbags are a crucial item when it comes to an outfit. Different handbags go with different outfits and for different occasions. The right pairing comes in handy in nailing the style game. You will not be caught dead carrying a tote to an evening party. The saying that image the world is your runway should come to mind.. Getting dressed and imagining that there will be cameras on the streets and your outfit will be dissected by one or more columnists of various magazines. This is what I do everyday.

Kicking off with the basics:

1. The Backpack
This is a bag that lies on the wearer's back and is supported by the shoulders. It is a perfect bag to take along to school, a walk, or a picnic.

2. The Tote bag
This is a large structured bag with two straps and an open top. The straps can be short or a bit long in length. This can be carried to the office where the dress code is not too strict(ensure the colors are not too popping), it can also be carried to a meet up with the girls or an outdoor event.

3. The bucket bag
This is a deep bag with an open top and a long strap. It can be carried for an outdoor and laid back meet up/event.

4. Hobo bag

Monday, 20 July 2015

Accessories 101

   "I love accessories. I'm a girl. I love shoes. I love handbags." - Petra Stunt
An accessory in general terms is a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.
In fashion we define it as something that accentuates an outfit. Makes it look better, stand out.

Most people have the belief that accessories are just jewellery but this is not the case. An accessory can be jewellery, shoes, handbag, coat, blazer, anything that will make your outfit pop and be noticed.

Men mostly accessorize with watches and shoes.
Ladies can accessorize with more stuff. I like quoting handbags and shoes. And a blazer. These will most likely get you noticed if paired properly.

I am super duper excited on getting on this one. We will be kicking off with handbags. I soooo love handbags. I love bags bags and more bags. Yes to good handbags.

Keep it here to learn more.

As always,

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Stock Take - July - 01

I have decided to create my own stock taking series just to tell you about the things happening in my life currently. And it will be weekly. Lol. It will improve as we go on. So kicking off today's post:

Reading: OMG!! I am currently reading Armed and Glamorous by Ellen Byerrum. This book is fantastic. I will soon do posts based on this. It has so much great fashion and the lead character is a fashion reporter with a newspaper article title 'Crime of Fashion'. Now, in my book loving excitement, I just bought a novel that I already have and already read, so if anyone of you wants a Jane Green novel, titled 'The Other Woman', contact me via my social media handles and we can talk about it.

Googling: Lol.. I am currently googling how to walk without getting dust on the back of your foot. But it has brought all things biblical. Anyone has a remedy on how to lift legs without carrying dust along?

To New Beginnings!!

Hello everyone,
It has taken me a while to finally push myself to pull down my previous blog and kick off with what I really wanted to do. I did not feel like it was taking the course I really wanted and I had to stop and think about it.
After a lot of soul searching, I decided to go the way I really wanted.
The Image Art is a blog where I will give overall image advice. On how to dress for occasions (must be easiest), carry yourself during occasions, what to wear with what, when etc.
I will also share a little about myself every now and then.
Keep it here as we are about to discover amazing things together.

PS: We can interact on social media and you can ask me any question fashion/style/overall-image-related and I will be glad to answer you.