Wednesday, 11 November 2015

MS01 - Accessories Men Should Wear

"A man's got two shots for jewellery : A wedding ring and a watch. The watch is easier to get on and off than a wedding ring." - John Mayer

We will kick off with the jewellery part.
Men look way better when they keep it minimal. Go for the basics that are important. To add to John Mayer's list:
i) A wedding ring - If you are married. This is part of the jewellery you can wear. Some people keep it versatile and stylish by having different bands to match with their outfits.

ii) A watch - Every man is defined by his time piece. This is something that you can not compromise on and again, there is a wide range to choose from.

iii) Cuff links -  Of course we had to add these. Every corporate man knows these come in handy. There are a huge arrays of designs that they come in and you could get yourself several of these.
The only pieces of metal to be seen on you are these; and the buckle of your belt.

iv) A tie - Apart from jewellery, you have to accessorize well. A tie shows a little of who you are and what you represent without having to speak. We will expound on ties in the next post.

v) A belt - This is best when sticking to browns and black. The details matter. Keep the buckle small. Or rather, same width as the belt. And not too detailed. Simplicity is key here.

vi) Shoes - The unwritten rule is always, let the shoes match the belt. So true. More on men's shoes in a future post.

vii) Socks - Happy socks are catching up.. But how well do people know how to match them? Stay tuned for a socks post as well.

A few rules for men when wearing jewellery:
1. Match the metals - If it's silver, go for a silver ring, watch and cuff links. Same for gold, copper, turquoise, bone, leather, etc.

2. Keep it simple - When in doubt, you could start out with a silver watch and a band, then branch out to cuff links. Finally you could include ties accessories. 

3. Jewellery and Dress Code - Learn where each piece of jewellery you own fits. You will not want to wear a sports watch to an executive meeting. Keep it minimal to the top three above and you could wear your necklaces, bracelets and earrings out of the corporate area. 
 Reflect on this : "The burden of appropriateness is always on the man who chooses to wear jewelry"

4. Understand symbolism - Most pieces of jewellery have a meaning. You would not want people to interpret a piece you have on the wrong way just because you purchased out of liking it yet it has a meaning that might not be so good. 

Hope this gives you an insight on how to keep it perfect.
 More #MenSeries (MS) to come in the next posts.

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