Friday, 20 November 2015

Stock Take - November - 03

Howdy? Hope y'all are keeping warm because.. CT!! Can't Take!! (In Yandy Smith's voice). This cold is something else hunni. And the rain. I wish it would just rain during the night then a little sun comes out during the day. Sigh. If wishes were horses.

Let's kick off the stock take:
Reading : If you check my previous stock take post , I was super excited on landing an Evanovich book that morning. But later in the afternoon, I landed three more. THREE!!!!! Yes. I was skipping all over the road heading home.My week was great. I managed to read One for the Money, Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich and also finished on Zapped by Carol Higgins Clark. I'm currently reading Social Graces by Dixie Browning. This is the life. 

Watching: Normal TV programming. No time for extras especially with all these books.. Yes ma'am!
Googling : nothing. Face-booking and tweeting. Let's connect on social media here.
Drinking : Trying to improve on my water intake. 
Eating : Bae's fried beef. It's no surprise that he cooks better than me. And the love he puts into it. I cook more out of routine than to please. LOL. Hope he doesn't see this. 

Snacking: On melon and pineapples. Anyone else who has discovered how these two don't go together. I tried blending them and one sank while the other floated instead of mixing. And pineapple will make other fruits go bad real fast.
Wearing : Dark blue jeans,black coat, brownish boots .
Listening: To mwema by Mercy Masika. I love this song.
Obsessing : Over my small library. I arrange and rearrange my books every chance I get. And keeping inventory at the back of my diary. 
Excited :About passing level 459 on Candy Crush.. I've struggled all week to get past it then this morning all of a sudden it's Sugar Crush!! I wanted to jump!

Have a fun weekend!

Hope I'll be able to spare lots of time next week to get on with the men series.. Got to teach men how to dress right chile!!

As always,

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