Tuesday, 17 November 2015

#MDAReview - Do You Promise Not To Tell? (Mary Jane Clark)

Wassup everybody? (in my excited voice)
This book has:
139 chapters.
303 pages.
The first exciting thing about this novel from the cover is the relation of the author to Mary Higgins Clark. She is her former daughter-in-law. Their novels are suspense/mystery and I love love love them!!
At the beginning of the novel, I get a little confused with the introduction of the many characters but get the hang of it later as the story develops.
The main character is Tv producer Farrell Slater, working with a leading network; who has seen her peak and come down and is about to be laid-off because her stories are not exciting enough anymore to feature in the main news bulletin.
This is until she comes across a story that could be her come back. But is it?
It's associated with Russian history and I like the fact the writer doesn't emphasize on telling a lot of the history (except what really matters).
A Faberge egg has been auctioned for six million dollars. Rumour has it that it's a fake.
With murders from the least person you would expect, it's intriguing and keeps you reading on just to discover what happens next. The real definition of suspense.
. Who is being an opportunist?
. Is the faberge egg a fake?
. Who has the real egg? Who has seen the real egg? How can you prove that it's real?
. Is Farrell going to get to the bottom of the story?
. Will her story make it to the main news bulletin? Will she get her job back or will she move to another station?
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