Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Merilyn Hair Diary - Part 1

I undid braided lines about five days ago and I'm letting it rest and breath for a while.

It's actually nice to let hair sit for a while after unbraiding with the curls. If your scalp is not that itchy you could let it sit for like two days (or more) which is great for busy people who have little time to spare.

I let mine sit for a day then washed it. It's not that long so I thought it won't look so good walking around town in it just yet. Maybe when it's longer I'll do it.

I used to wash hair with the hottest water the shower could let out. The myths about cold water were scary. Lol. People actually say cold water will shrink your hair. But in real sense cold water preserves moisture in your hair while hot water strips moisture out of it. I didn't know that. I didn't oil it as frequently.

A hair dresser matters as well. You got to have one that is good enough to advice you on things. Not keep things about your hair to themselves and watch it go downhill.

So I decided to take the responsibility in my own hands and take care of it. And I embarked on research. And I'm liking it. So far.

I've been oiling it every two days (don't know if it's too much yet) and oh my goodness, it's becoming softer. The steel wool hair is disappearing. I'm super happy.

My hair sheds badly when I comb it. Apparently, I came across a blog called craving yellow and the owner has amazing hair!! Apparently she combs it once a year. Once people!! Lord!! So in taking advice, I'm putting my fingers to work and letting my combs rest for a while.

So far I'm happy with a week's work. Let's see how it goes.

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  1. I love craving yellow as well and her hair is so long that jealousy gets to me whenever I pass by her blog. Lol!! Your finger will definitely do an amazing job and I agree with you about not oiling and using extremely hot water because extreme heat is not good for any type of hair.