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SS02 - Types of Heels

     “If you haven’t got it, fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!”
Victoria Beckham

Heels are a wardrobe essential. Most of y'all own a pair, pairs, many pairs or a loooott of pairs. Create that mental picture with me. 
On Victoria's quote, I say too tall, wear heels too. The walking bit is subject for another day. lol.

Let's see the different types of heels we have:
1. Kitten heels: These are low heeled shoes that provide comfort on top of fashion. They are great for occasions where you have to walk around a lot and for days when you don't need the extra height. 
2. Pumps : The most common for of heels hence being referred to as just high heels. They are narrow to the front and about 3 inches high.
3. Stilettos : Have a staggering heel heading to almost 7". Some have an added platform to aid in walking.. Leave this to the experts. 
4. Ankle Strap Heels: These have a strap that goes round the ankle. They make walking easier and comfortable.The heel height might vary.
5. Wedge Heels: These are just basically a high heel without space between the heel and the sole.
6. Wedge Sandals : These are strappy wedges. The top part is mostly sandal like. These are very comfortable.
7. Cone Heels: The heel is wider at the sole and thinner at the base. Forming a cone.
8. Sling-back heels: They basically have a sling that goes round behind the ankle. These spell party in capital. They make you look elegant and worn to a black tie would show you put thought into your outfit.
9. Platform Heels : These are heels that have a platform at the front. They make walking more comfortable since the heel difference is smaller between the front and the back heel.
10. High Heel Sandals: These are basically strappy heels.

11. Peep Toe Heels: These are heels with a little hole at the front that let's two of your toes 'peep' out.

12. Cork High Heels: These are heels that have a heel made of cork material. Polished wooden.
13. High Heeled boots: Refer here
14. Ankle boots: Refer here
15. Spool Heels: These have a heel that is thicker at the sole of the foot, narrow in the middle then thicker at the base.
16. Mules: These are heels that come up high at the top of the foot.. (in covering). They could be open or closed and heel height might vary.
17. Cut Out Heels: Any type of heels that has a portion of the upper part cut out for effect. 

18. Corset Heels: Both sides are draw up and tied similarly to a corset.
 19. Oxfords: An improvement of the traditional oxford that has an academy look with a flat heel. By adding a heel of course.
20. Chunky Heels: Refers to any type of heel with a uniform wider base .. Commonly referred to as a block heel.
21. Espadrille Heels: These have a plaited fiber sole.Can have a heel or wedge base.
22. Fantasy heels: Covers all types and definitions of crazy heels.


That more or less summarizes the most common types of heels. 

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  1. Pumps and Stilettos are my absolute favorite!!! Great post! Very fun and informative :-)

    1. Great that you like it :)
      Thanks for reading.