Friday, 23 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 04

The elnino is here in full swing.. OMG. I just realized I can't handle what I was asking for. It rained all night and I had forgotten a couple of denim pants on the hanging line.. *sigh*

Reading : I dedicated the better part of yesterday to finishing up on Alma Mater by Rita Mae Brown. I have mixed feelings about whether I would want my kids to read that before they clear high school. I will not expound on it but the bottom line, the book tells parents to respect whichever choice their children make in life. 

Watching: A repeat of love and hip hop.. I love the craziness.

Googling: Nothing at the moment. Was caught up in a lot of things this week.

Drinking : Minute Maid Mango Juice. Still trying to decide which one is better between this and delmonte. 

Wearing: A long grey turtle neck top, grey jeggings and brown boots. Countering the cold. 

Obsessing : Over fish. Lol.

Eating: More fish. And some fries. The temptation was too much and I couldn't resist.

 Feeling: Excited on hitting level 400 on candy crush.Currently on level 406. I feel like I have arrived hunni... I know some of you are on level 700 and above but let me wallow in the miasma of greatness for a while before I drop back to the game reality.. I feel competitive.

Thanks to all my readers for always coming back to check on the blog and leaving comments too.
Have a superb weekend.

As always,

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