Monday, 19 October 2015

SS01 - Types Of Shoes

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Hope you are kicking off the week in high gear.. It's started off rainy but it's a sign that you can now work the layering magic and be fabulous.. *dusts boots and coats*.

We have so many types of shoes in this world, (going by different designs and names). We will try to list all.
Kick off:

 1. Boots - This refers to footwear which covers the entire foot and extends to the height of the anklebone or up to the thigh.

2. Heels - These are shoes that have a higher pointed, blocked or wedged back to elongate someone's frame when word. Add a few inches.

3. Flats - These are low shoes without any added height factor in them. Could be described as the shoe that makes the heel without the elongating factor.


1. Thigh High Boots - These are boots that extent up to the thigh. The could be flat or heeled.
2. Knee High Boots - These are boots that extent to the knee or slightly below the knee. These are more versatile as you could pair them with an official look or a casual one.
3. Ankle Boots - these are boots that extent to the ankle bone. Best to have them heeled for the wow factor. Or flat for a laid back look.
4. Wellington boots - These are mostly knee length water proof plastic boots. A classy version of rain boots.
5. Cowboy boots - a style of boot with a pointed toe and a moderately high heel, extending to mid-calf. Worn mostly but not limited to riders.
6. Ugg boots - Sheepskin boots which are unisex worn mostly to curb the cold.
7. Timberland boots - I guess this is self explanatory. Bad a** boots that everyone will want to have.
8. Gladiator boots - These are extended gladiator sandals. They are basically  T-strap sandals that have several straps running across the front of the foot.
 9. Wedge boots -  these are boots with a sole in the form of a wedge so that one piece of material, normally rubber, serves as both the sole and the heel. 
10. Dr. Martens -  this is a type of a very heavy laced shoe/boot with a cushioned sole. Named after the founder.
 11. Chelsea Boots -  This is an elastic sided ankle high boot. Mostly for men.

That's all for this post. Don't want to make it too long for you to read. Check out the next post. This series will be exciting.
Have a fabulous, warm week.

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  1. That encyclopedia is giving me life because I am a shoeholic!!! I almost have each an every pair in my closet. I love how you have explained the shoes on your post in detail. Great post hun

    1. Really? I should catch up on the shoe collection.. I just started collecting them and I am excited to have all pairs.
      I would want to invade your closet.. :)

      Thanks for reading hunni.