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JS04 - Jewellery Cleaning

Totally Unrelated.. The rain is here.. Woop woop.. I can layer up all I want. But there is still some heat in the air that almost made me sick when people decide to keep all windows closed in a bus and it was a process of 'I breath out,you breath in' kind of situation. Great thing I made it to town without throwing up. God bless me with this or a car. Amen.

Moving on to jewellery.
1. Silver Jewellery
This can be scrubbed. But you got to do it right. You can use toothpaste. Take a toothbrush that you don't use and scrub the paste softly on the silver. Then rinse with warm water.
Another method is to take a bowl, lay aluminum foil on the base of the bowl. Then let your silver lie on the foil. Sprinkle baking soda on it. Then pour hot water on it. Bubbles will come up and you have to wait till they die down. you can then fish out your silver. Sparkling. 

2. Gold jewellery
Gold plated jewellery should never be scrubbed or soaked at all. Pure gold can be scrubbed. Warm water, dish soap and a toothbrush is all that is needed. Soak it for like 3 minutes and scrub gently focusing on crevices where there could be dirt. Then fish out and rinse with warm water inspecting whether it need another round of soaking.

**Cleaning Gold Plated Jewellery
Take a few cups of warm water and mix with a mild dish washing liquid into it. Soak the jewellery in the soapy water and let it dry in open air. Use a soft cloth to grease it but not too rough because the gold might loosen.

3. Pearls
These are very delicate and should be handled with care. They should never be soaked at any one time. It is best to use a cloth dipped in warm water and use a very mild soap with no color additives or fragrances. A baby soap is best. The cloth should be slightly damp because you don't want to leave excess water in it.

General Care Tips:
# Store all your jewellery in a clean, dry place.
# Keep your jewellery in  fabric-lined jewellery case, or in a box with compartments and dividers. If you use an ordinary box, wrap each piece in soft tissue paper.
 # Do not leave jewellery pieces on sink rims because they might slip down the drain.
#In caring for watches:

  • No matter how handy you are, don't attempt "do-it-yourself" watch repairs. Only an expert jeweler/watchmaker should be trusted to put your watch back into working condition.
  • Give your watch a quick check on a regular basis, making sure that the strap or bracelet is securely attached to the watch face.
  • Wind your watch in a clockwise direction, preferably about the same time each day. Remove the watch from your wrist when winding so as not to place undue pressure on the stem.
  • Replace broken or scratched crystals immediately. Even a hairline crack can let dust and moisture into the time-keeping mechanism, threatening its accuracy.
  • Unless the degree of water-resistance is clearly specified when you purchase your watch, do not wear it into the shower or pool, or on a moist wrist.
  • Have your jeweler/watchmaker or an authorized watch dealer replace the battery in a quartz watch before it runs out. Dead batteries left in the watch can leak or corrode, ruining the timepiece. Do not attempt to change the battery in a watch yourself. If your watch is water-resistant, a water-resistance test should be performed after the battery has been replaced to ensure that water will not leak into and damage the watch.
  • Batteries run for about two to three years. Those in some less expensive, multi-function digital watches have shorter lives, as little as six months. Using extra features such as a calculator or game can shorten battery life.
  • Oils from your skin can build up on a watch. If your watch is water-resistant, you can give it a quick cleaning with a mixture of warm water and either a mild soap or a dish detergent. Dry the watch with a soft cloth after cleaning. If your watch has a strap made out of leather or another material, you should clean only the watch face and not the strap.
  • If your watch is not water-resistant, or you're not sure, do not immerse it in water. Clean the piece with a slightly damp cloth and then dry. 
Take care of your jewellery.
Meet you next time on shoes!!!

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