Monday, 26 October 2015

SS03 - Types of Flats

"I cannot concentrate in flat shoes" - Victoria Beckham
Ahem!! We can. So ;
"I always wear flats because I can't walk in anything else" - Sadie Frost

Most of us love a good pair of flats.. Anything flat. Ballet, sandals, boots, as long as it is flat. Sigh, getting used to the comfort.
We will see the different types of flats we have:
1Loafers: These are shoes that do not have lacing or any fastening system.

2. Converse: Sporty flat shoes made if canvas with a rubber sole.

3. Oxford: This is a simple closed-toe shoe that is identified by the closure type i.e. shoe-lace eyelets.

4. Ballet Flats: This is a  light, flat shoe, usually with a round-toe resembling those worn by ballet dancers. 

5. Mary Jane Flats: These are closed, low-cut shoes with one or more straps across the instep.

6. Plimsolls: Light, mostly rubber-soled canvas shoe made for sports. They have a thicker sole compared to converse.

7. Brogues: These are almost similar to oxfords. The difference is in the decorative patterns along the toe and along the edges of the shoe’s piecing.

 8. Espadrilles: A light shoe mostly worn during the summer. Made of canvas and a fiber sole. 

9. Sandals: These are open toed shoes with straps attaching the sole to the foot.

 There you have it ladies.
Hope you have upped your knowledge a little. 

Have a fab week ahead. And wear flats. Lol.

As always,

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