Friday, 30 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 05

Phew.. This month is really long .. Five weeks according to my stock take series..
It's all good though.. The month ends tomorrow.. Woop woop..

Let's kick it off:

Reading : I have managed to read two books this past week.. Talk of curling in bed all day with a book addiction.. yeah. A Janet Evanovich book "Thanksgiving" and a Michelle Cunnah book "32AA" - 'size does matter'. This is hilarious. 32AA is the bra size of the main character whose father is a plastic surgeon and his friends keep suggesting that she gets implants. It's a great read. Kicking off a Mary Jane Clark book over the weekend. It's a wonder that she is a former daughter-in-law to Mary Higgins Clark.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

SS04 - Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Hi everybody? (Sophie's voice in 2 Broke Girls)
How you doin? (Wendy Williams Voice)
Lol.. In my own voice now, wassup people? Which shoes do you have on today? And which ones did you leave at home? Do you need more shoes? Yes for me!! 

Let's see which shoes we should have in our closets. If you are guilty of having pumps only, ballet flats only, join this class asap and let's update ourselves.

1. The Classic Pump
You can never go wrong with a classic, statement-making pump. In either black or nude or own both!! 

Monday, 26 October 2015

SS03 - Types of Flats

"I cannot concentrate in flat shoes" - Victoria Beckham
Ahem!! We can. So ;
"I always wear flats because I can't walk in anything else" - Sadie Frost

Most of us love a good pair of flats.. Anything flat. Ballet, sandals, boots, as long as it is flat. Sigh, getting used to the comfort.
We will see the different types of flats we have:
1Loafers: These are shoes that do not have lacing or any fastening system.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 04

The elnino is here in full swing.. OMG. I just realized I can't handle what I was asking for. It rained all night and I had forgotten a couple of denim pants on the hanging line.. *sigh*

Reading : I dedicated the better part of yesterday to finishing up on Alma Mater by Rita Mae Brown. I have mixed feelings about whether I would want my kids to read that before they clear high school. I will not expound on it but the bottom line, the book tells parents to respect whichever choice their children make in life. 

Watching: A repeat of love and hip hop.. I love the craziness.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

SS02 - Types of Heels

     “If you haven’t got it, fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!”
Victoria Beckham

Heels are a wardrobe essential. Most of y'all own a pair, pairs, many pairs or a loooott of pairs. Create that mental picture with me. 
On Victoria's quote, I say too tall, wear heels too. The walking bit is subject for another day. lol.

Let's see the different types of heels we have:
1. Kitten heels: These are low heeled shoes that provide comfort on top of fashion. They are great for occasions where you have to walk around a lot and for days when you don't need the extra height. 
2. Pumps : The most common for of heels hence being referred to as just high heels. They are narrow to the front and about 3 inches high.
3. Stilettos : Have a staggering heel heading to almost 7". Some have an added platform to aid in walking.. Leave this to the experts. 

Monday, 19 October 2015

SS01 - Types Of Shoes

Hey y'all,
Hope you are kicking off the week in high gear.. It's started off rainy but it's a sign that you can now work the layering magic and be fabulous.. *dusts boots and coats*.

We have so many types of shoes in this world, (going by different designs and names). We will try to list all.
Kick off:

 1. Boots - This refers to footwear which covers the entire foot and extends to the height of the anklebone or up to the thigh.

2. Heels - These are shoes that have a higher pointed, blocked or wedged back to elongate someone's frame when word. Add a few inches.

3. Flats - These are low shoes without any added height factor in them. Could be described as the shoe that makes the heel without the elongating factor.


Friday, 16 October 2015

Stock Take- October - 03

Hey y'all,
El nino kicked off and stopped almost immediately. But I feel like it was warning us that it is still on its way and we should be prepared. Don't be caught offguard.
Kicking off this week's stock take:

Reading: I am done reading Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich. I so love these Stephanie Plum series by her. I then started on Alma Mater by Rita Mae Brown but it is not that interesting to me.. The real story has started in chapter 8. I like books that kick off in high gear not give narrations. Anyway, I'll try to finish it. I am so happy I got my brother to join in the band wagon of reading novels. Amen.
Watching : Baby Daddy sn 3 and 4 and the first four episode of LHH Hollywood.. I have re-watched these for like 5 times and I can't wait for the full series.. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

JS03 - Jewellery Storage

Wassup everybody,

As jewellery lovers, we have at one time run out of space to store them and has to pile them in small containers. This becomes a real crisis when you need to wear something that is beneath the rest and you have to spread them out and untangle them properly because some are so delicate. This is a super time consuming process.
I will focus on how I usually store my jewellery since there are many methods and every one has ways that work for them.

So we will get to see which methods are best to store different jewellery.

1) Earrings
These are solid pieces that don't tangle and can be kept together. So a cup, container(box) or small basket would be best to keep these. They also need to be in a space of their own because some are small and might get lost if inappropriately stored. I forgot to get a pic of the small button earrings storage box. It's a candy container that I transformed into a storage box. I hold most of my earrings described here as trend follower kind of stuff in this basket. I arrange them nicely to make sure they do not tangle. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 02

Reading: I just finished reading Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich. And I have started on Eleven on Top by her. I am officially on a mission to collect her books. More than fifteen. I have four now. And I know now that my favorite genre of books is mystery/suspense. And I am exited because the guy I buy books from promised to keep all Evanovich books for me immediately they come in. Yaaayyy!!
Watching: Blood, Sweat and Heels sn 2. Heartbreaking to see the lovely Daisy fighting cancer. But she is a real motivation. Worked all through the chemotherapy and radiation. She is a real fighter.I love it. And baby daddy sn 2.Hilarious.
Googling: clothes.. especially cold weather ones.. Preparation for el nino is real.

JS04 - Jewellery Cleaning

Totally Unrelated.. The rain is here.. Woop woop.. I can layer up all I want. But there is still some heat in the air that almost made me sick when people decide to keep all windows closed in a bus and it was a process of 'I breath out,you breath in' kind of situation. Great thing I made it to town without throwing up. God bless me with this or a car. Amen.

Moving on to jewellery.
1. Silver Jewellery
This can be scrubbed. But you got to do it right. You can use toothpaste. Take a toothbrush that you don't use and scrub the paste softly on the silver. Then rinse with warm water.
Another method is to take a bowl, lay aluminum foil on the base of the bowl. Then let your silver lie on the foil. Sprinkle baking soda on it. Then pour hot water on it. Bubbles will come up and you have to wait till they die down. you can then fish out your silver. Sparkling. 

2. Gold jewellery
Gold plated jewellery should never be scrubbed or soaked at all. Pure gold can be scrubbed. Warm water, dish soap and a toothbrush is all that is needed. Soak it for like 3 minutes and scrub gently focusing on crevices where there could be dirt. Then fish out and rinse with warm water inspecting whether it need another round of soaking.

Monday, 12 October 2015

JS03 - Jewellery and Personality

"I always accessorize with jewelry. I am a bit of  a magpie; I love sparkles, and so wearing jewellery makes me feel more exciting and confident too!" - Amber Le Bon
The jewellery you wear says a lot about you. Someone will b comfortable wearing just studs while another will want very detailed dangling earrings. These show different personalities
 1. Statement Seeker
Big. Bold. Lots of metal. No one notices anything else apart from your jewellery. It shows that you want to make a statement in a different way but you don't know how just yet and this is the best way to do as per now.

2. Classic Elegance
Pearls. Tennis bracelets. Small earrings. Never gone near large earrings. You are a classic. Confident in your skin. You carry yourself with elegance. 

3. It's All About Me
 You wear necklaces and rings with your initials or full names. You could have been part of the cheer-leading squad. Maybe at one time you wear mean and a bully. You want people to know who you are. You want to go to places where people will notice you. But you dress well. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 01

How soon is Christmas approaching?? Jeez. All I am waiting for is the rain since I can't stand the heat. Too much. But I don't want the El-nino. .sigh. Wish we had choices. 
Kicking off this month's stock take:

Reading: I have become a major fan of Janet Evanovich and I just read another book of hers Metro Girl and she did not disappoint at all. I love love love the way she makes women heroes.

Watching: The Haves and the HaveNots season 4, If loving you is wrong sn 1 and I can't wait to lay my hands on season 2 of blood sweat and heels later on today. Weekend set!!!