Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 02

Reading: I just finished reading Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich. And I have started on Eleven on Top by her. I am officially on a mission to collect her books. More than fifteen. I have four now. And I know now that my favorite genre of books is mystery/suspense. And I am exited because the guy I buy books from promised to keep all Evanovich books for me immediately they come in. Yaaayyy!!
Watching: Blood, Sweat and Heels sn 2. Heartbreaking to see the lovely Daisy fighting cancer. But she is a real motivation. Worked all through the chemotherapy and radiation. She is a real fighter.I love it. And baby daddy sn 2.Hilarious.
Googling: clothes.. especially cold weather ones.. Preparation for el nino is real.
Drinking : Tree top juice. Yes.!! I don't think I drank it as a kid and I was excited to try it when it hit the supermarkets a while back.
Wearing : Houndstooth skirt.. White vest, black coat.
Fitness : This is so ignored I've decided to stick to the diet bit. A lil bit hard though especially when someone shows up with chocolate for you and you can't resist it. Sigh!!
Eating : Cucumbers. For the whole of my life, I just started eating them recently because people talk about their benefits a lot. About the diet bit.. There..
Thinking : My life just got a new turn a few minutes ago and I have to embrace and make changes to accommodate it. Hope it goes well.
And hoping the spirit of procrastination will leave me.. Sigh. This one is real.
Knowing : Believing in yourself is the greatest step towards success.
Obsessing : Over midi rings. Need to get me several.
Gramming : Nothing as of now.
Have a fabulous weekend people.
As always,

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