Friday, 30 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 05

Phew.. This month is really long .. Five weeks according to my stock take series..
It's all good though.. The month ends tomorrow.. Woop woop..

Let's kick it off:

Reading : I have managed to read two books this past week.. Talk of curling in bed all day with a book addiction.. yeah. A Janet Evanovich book "Thanksgiving" and a Michelle Cunnah book "32AA" - 'size does matter'. This is hilarious. 32AA is the bra size of the main character whose father is a plastic surgeon and his friends keep suggesting that she gets implants. It's a great read. Kicking off a Mary Jane Clark book over the weekend. It's a wonder that she is a former daughter-in-law to Mary Higgins Clark.

Watching: I watched Momentum last night and as the title suggests.. it builds momentum and leaves you hanging.. It's a great movie though.. With a kick-ass female!!

Googling : Hard words I come across in novels. This is a habit I picked up several months ago and I am learning new interesting words that I use in conversations and people look at you like - "she is well read".. Yeah. That's the whole point.

Drinking : Hot water.. I've had a terrible cold for the last two days.. Blame it on the el nino kick off. So, putting aside the refrigerated water and warming some.. Feeling better today though.

Eating : Nothing.. Haha. 

Snacking : On porridge. (Can it be a snack?) Visited some in laws and I had lots of uji flour packed for me n bae and you never say no to such. So getting to use it before the excitement dies down.

Wearing : Blue denim coat, denim pants, pink shoes, pink scarf, pink bag. Pinky Friday.

Needing: Woolen gloves.

Obsessing : On books. Yes. Me love my novels. If you want to gift me anything, a book will do. 

Have a fabulous weekend. 

As always,

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