Friday, 18 December 2015

Stock Take - December - 03

Diving right in :
Reading : Since last post, I've read Seven up and Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich, Then 'E' is for Evidence by Sue Grafton and today I've finished Remember me by Sophie Kinsella. I feel that Janet and Sue Grafton have a common writing style and their characters are really alike. A bounty hunter vs a private investigator. Both live in sorry apartments. Don't have much. They eat sandwiches for dinner. Don't shop groceries. Etc. Got to do a book review soon.

Watching : Maisha Magic East. I didn't know I was missing that much when I scrolled past it every time.
Googling : About men's shoes. I didn't know there was so much detail. I'm overwhelmed so I couldn't do the post this week. I'll have it up on Monday.
Drinking : Water. Just water. A lot of water.
Eating : Rather snacking on ice cream. I've had a kg and half just this week. Sigh.
Wearing : Grey top, blue jeans, pink/black rubbers. My go to errands outfit. Was feeling thrifty today and decided to indulge. Meeenn.. I'm one happy girl. Unearthing gems is..
Listening :To yoga by Janelle Monae. Enough said.
Obsessing : Over my new bike. Yeah. A mountain bike. Thanks to bae. Thoughtful as we moved house to some cool place that I can ride around, and this is officially my work out item now. Yeeeii. Christmas came early for me.
Knowing : Some people leave your life to give space for better ones. And life goes on.
As always,


  1. Book Review!!Book Review!!!!

    Please tag me if you ever get to review any of those books,xx

    1. A book review is up hunni. Check the latest post.