Thursday, 24 December 2015

Stock Take - December - 04

Christmas is tomorrow!! Unbelievable. But I'm part of the less enthusiastic crew. Wanting to get it done with and go back to normalcy. Sigh.
Live from upcountry (Mwingi), here goes the stock take for the week that was:

Reading : I've managed to read Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella and currently reading Stolen by Lesley Pearse. Twenties Girl is super hilarious. Enough said. I wish I could have finished Stolen but preparing for Christmas is no joke. Especially running errands with a deadline. Sigh.

Watching : Soaps. Especially between 5-7pm weekdays. I don't know when I went against my word on not getting addicted to the Soaps again. Lol. No willpower.

Googling : About authors. Every day I discover a new author and I just want to know more about them.

Drinking :Green tea.

Eating : Chapati. Christmas ain't Christmas without these. I finally cooked them after more than two years. I'm happy that I still got it!!!

Listening : To good for you by Selena Gomez. First time listening to her song and I like it.

Obsessing : Over my handbags. Just that.

Wondering : What's all the obsession with star wars? It used to be game of thrones (which I have unapologetically not watched and will not) now it's this. Sigh. What is this??

Wearing : Brown skirt, jungle green vest. And topped up with a headscarf. Upcountry chores need cover up.

Knowing : That I have all the power in my hands and God's guidance to tune my 2016 to my favour.

Merry Christmas to y'all!!!!

It's not too late to send presents.. I'm taking books and all their accessories.

As always,

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