Monday, 14 December 2015

MS06 - Of Men And Watches

"I have a weakness for watches. I have to stop myself from buying more." 
- Tom Jones

Time is gone when a watch was made for the sole purpose of telling time. Nowadays a watch is seen as part of a person's personal style. It will be judged the same way your socks, ties, shirts and shoes are judged. Accessorizing perfectly.
You have to be good enough to choose a watch that goes from work to play or choose a watch for every occasion.

We focus on choosing a watch for the occasion:
1. Practicality : Where will you wear it. You will not wear a diamond engraved Cartier watch outdoors while hiking or running. You will most likely go for a rubber one with a compass feature, etc.

2. Special Occasion : The diamond engraved Cartier watch will be perfect for special occasions where you need to dress up once in a while.

3. Matching Jewellery : Referring to our first post on this series, we mentioned matching of jewellery. So this is also a factor to consider when choosing which watch to wear.

Down to business now:

1. Weekend watch
This is most likely a watch with an outdoor feel. Or a laid back feel with a hint of sportiness.
2. Office Watch
This should show a serious side of you but also show the stylish side. You don't want to go for dull just because it looks serious.

3. Sports Watch
This should have a compass for directions, especially for hikers or joggers. A timer. Should be light-weight. You don't want to feel like you are carrying something bulky on your arm when exercising.
4. Traveling Watch
This should be easy on the arm. Not much embellishment. The size shouldn't be over the top. A compass would be an added advantage. The weekend watch could pass for a travel watch if you don't need a compass.
5. Black Tie Watch
A black tie event requires elegance and class. Minimalism is key here. Especially for the men. You don't want to wear a watch that is screaming from the roof top. But a timeless time piece will be highly appreciated. Go for a piece that is high end, or looks high end. 

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You could go for one watch for all occasion. All that matters is confidence. Your time piece worn with confidence fits all occasions.

I hope these give you an idea as to which watch to go for. See you next time as we talk shoes.

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  1. Guuuurrrlll!! I never knew there is a watch for every occasion/rendezvous!! I think I only knew of the bonus watch, lol!! Everyday is a learning day for sure.

    1. Yeeess hunni!! We have watches for every occasion.But in case we don't have, no need sweating over it. You can choose a bonus watch that fits all occasions perfectly.