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MS07 - Gents and Shoes - Part I

"Shoes are always the most important thing for me because they are who you are. They change the way you walk, the way you move. " - Tom Ford

A man's shoes are a big part of his outfit. They contribute a huge percentage to how the outfit combination will turn out. You can't afford to get these wrong. Your style is on the line here.

This is a huge category so we focus on dress shoes for today.

1. The Oxfords

These are the oldest in the business. Still timeless. Still fashionable. Still making a statement. They can be dressed up (formal wear) or down (casually). All in all they make a statement. For the formal wear, it's best to stick to the dark brown and black leather.

How do you differentiate the oxford shoe from the derby shoe?
The difference is in the lacing.The oxford shoe has a closed lacing (the facing is stitched on under the vamp).

2. The Derby Shoe

This is a look alike of the oxford. The only difference is that the derby shoe is open laced. (see image above).
 The facing is stitched on top of the vamp, a construction called open lacing. The advantage this has over the oxford is the open lacing allows for a wider fit hence being a more comfortable option.

3. The loafer
This a slip on dress shoe that is moccasin inspired. It's mostly knows for being a casual shoe but has recently picked it way up into the corporate world. It's all in how you pair it up to be accepted. The loafer usually has a decoration with an exposed vamp across the front of the shoe.

4. The Chelsea Boot
This is a boot with an elastic siding to ensure easy slip on and take off. It's an ankle length boot with a round toe with a low heel. The boot is know for it's plain nature and the elastic siding.
5. The dress boot
This is an oxford or derby shoe with an extended shaft to the ankle. The difference is in the detailing. The Chelsea boot is plain and has an elastic siding while the dress boot has a lacing option. 
6. The Chukka Boot
This is an ankle boot with two or three eyelets on each side for lacing. These have a rounded toe, minimal stitching and open lacing (like the derby shoe). These are made of suede but leather ones are an option when going for a more formal look.
These look very similar to desert boots but the desert ones are more casual with a rubber sole as opposed to a leather one. 

Next we will focus on the different details of a man's dress shoe. 

      (images courtesy of google).

Hope this has been of help.

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