Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Stock Take - August - 02

 Week 2 is here and I am excited to be sharing the first stock take after my birthday.
Kick off!!

Reading: I took a break from novels to read the newspapers that were piling up unread. And to play candy crush and rail rush. Lol. We'll have something else to talk about next week.

Googling: All about ulcers. I am scared to bits because I went to a doctor yesterday only to be told to avoid spices, acidic foods, etc. I can't believe it is happening at just 23.

Drinking : Lots of water. Got to keep the 2 liter target.

Fitness: Climbing stairs from ground floor to sixth floor(two at a time) to tone my glute muscles. It's working quite well.

Wearing: Blue jeggings, black top, black sweater, black boots. Blue and red headscarf. Blue scarf on the neck to shame the cold. Red handbag.

Snacking: On bananas..

Obsessing: Over the fact that I turned 23 and it still has not sunk in.. OMG.. I am getting old.

Pinning: Nothing of late. Been feeling unwell for sometime and I did not have the energy to take photos or repost.

Gramming: Nothing as well. This should improve from tomorrow as I am getting done with the injections then. Meeennn this feels bad. The last time I had back to back injections was in class 3.

Keep warm, drink warm fluids.

As Always,

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