Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Stock Take - August - 03

Wassup good people!!
I traveled upcountry over the weekend to celebrate my sister's graduation party. It is always good to take it there where all the oldies and grand parents are. Seeing the joy on my grand pa's face when he says 'my grand child has been crowned' is the ultimate moment. People cherish graduants over there.
You can check my instagram for photos from the event.
Kicking off the stock take:

Reading: Supposed to kick off a new book today after the short break for newspapers. I got the book yesterday but unfortunately I have not been keen on getting the name well. My bad.

Watching: 2 broke girls. Been watching it for some time now. Getting to season 3 now and the sitcom is so hilarious.

Googling: About Kat Dennings.. Who acts as Max Black on the sitcom mentioned above.

Drinking : Fresh mango juice and good ol water.

Fitness: Still keeping on the stairs thing. It is good. Getting to skipping soon.

Wearing: Black ballerina skirt, black tights, white tshirt, white rubbers, black scarf.

Snacking: On cookies.. Had to give in to the 'attracting force' when I passed by a bakery.

Obsessing: Over some handbag I saw somewhere. I need to get it asap.

Gramming: Photos from my sister's party. Make sure to check it out.

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It's being predicted that the el nino will be coming anytime soon. Keep safe people.
As always,