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HS02 - Handbags And Body Types

                        "To me accessorizing is the most fun part of an outfit. While I don't think you can rely on accessories to make a dress that isn't working work, I do love jewellery and handbags more than anything." - Anna Kendrick
Most people spot a bag, like it and dash for it without consideration .. Consideration on whether it will be perfect for your body type or carrying it to the office or whatever other occasion you have in mind for it.

Not all handbags suit all people. Read on to see where you fall.

1. Petite
The most important factor is the size of the bag you carry if you are this size.
Petite women should choose bags that are neither too bulky nor too big.  Big bags tend to overpower the small frame so they need to go for longer bags such as a rectangular tote to give the appearance of a longer torso. Petite women should also avoid over sized hobo bags as it tends to weigh down their small frame.  The best is to go for longer rather than wider. They should avoid huge prints on the bag as well and opt for vertical stripes and monochromatic colors. Cross body bags and Sling bags are also not a good idea because they overwhelm the frame. 

2. Tall and Skinny
  The tall and skinny woman can don just about any handbag type – over sized will look great, shoulder hobos, or even over sized slouchy clutch bags.   Boston bags are also perfect for the tall and skinny as it comes in a round shape which gives an illusion of a slightly curvy figure. A tote bag is also a great option as your long arms will be accentuated as you carry the tote in hand. Choose one with a rounded shape or shimmering textures to give some contrast to a tall and possibly straight shape. Colors also flatter the tall  figure.  Long sling bags are also perfect for the tall and skinny.
Just remember to avoid too small bags. It's also best to avoid shoulder bags with short straps because they make you look taller hence competing with your height and throwing off the sense of proportion. Go for wider instead of taller.

3. Curvy
A curvy woman should go for a bag with more structure to provide great sharp lines and makes them appear skinny. If you are curvy and prefer a shoulder bag, avoid bags that sit below the waist. A bag that ends just above the waist is the best. For printed bags, go for a print that is not to small and not too big. Avoid rounded bags and slouchy bags as they make you look even curvier.

4. Pear Shaped
The pear shape has an ample hip and small torso. Hence make the most out of this by carrying bags that avoid the hip area.   Hobo bags are the best bet for pear shaped women. Bowling or sling bags that sit just above the hips are also good.  Envelope clutches that have a detachable strap are also perfect as they can be carried under your arm avoiding the hip area. Avoid small cross body bags as they directly point to your hips and behind.

5. Plus-Size
For a plus size a bag that is box-like or with structure is best as it makes one look slimmer. Big girls should go for the medium-sized bags and should avoid both too small and too big bags as it tends to make them look even bigger. It is also good to choose bags with short to medium straps as these flatter their shapes. Avoid bags with big prints or too tiny patterns. 

6. Apple Shaped
The apple shape is top heavy. Go for the opposite of the pear shape. Choose a bag with a longer handle/strap.  Cross body bags that are hip length are the best. Avoid those that fall around the bust area or waist.
  • The bag accentuates the point where its bottom hits. Make sure it's the most flattering part of your body.
  •  Choose a bag that is opposite of your body type- petite go for tall bags, tall go for wide bags.
  • Body size should be proportional to bag size. Small body small bag, big body, big bag. 
As always,
ese women should choose a handbag with a longer handle, avoid those that finish around the bustline or mid-section. A hip-length crossbody bag is a nice choice. - See more at:
ese women should choose a handbag with a longer handle, avoid those that finish around the bustline or mid-section. A hip-length crossbody bag is a nice choice. - See more at:

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