Monday, 31 August 2015


Everyone has those things that they really want and other people can't seem to really understand the obsession. BUT ... Never apologize for your obsessions.   As long as they hurt nobody.

Here are mine..

1. Speed Bike
This has been an obsession for a very long time. I can picture myself cruising at top speed all 'armored'  then stop and remove my helmet and flip my hair. Yes. That's my motivation towards achieving this goal.
I want a Kawasaki in green, grey or black and white. Can't choose. Can someone buy several 'bodies' of it and be changing once in a while?
Don't forget about the gear!!! Classic!!!!

2. Designer Bags
My love for handbags surpasses my love for any other accessory. A few years ago jewellery would have been taking this position; but after having lots of it and not feeling like all chunky this time, handbags win big time.
It takes a lot of saving for some of us to be able to afford the bags in designer(knock offs are plenty in the market) but we got to deal with the 'inspired' versions of the real stuff.
Looking to owning the YSL, LV, CC, Chloe, Givenchy, Dior, the list is endless.

3. Timberland Boots
I have wanted these in white since high school. I now want 3 pairs of them. White, brown and black. Being indecisive is real when it comes to things you love. The great things is they have female versions of them now but the male versions make you look bad ass!!! Unless of course it's the heeled timberland boots then we can negotiate on that.

4. A classy bookshelf
 I have started collecting novels and I would looovveee to have a super classy bookshelf that I can display in my living room or hall way when I finally have my mansion. My dreams are valid!!!!
With that, design ideas have been in my mind for a while and I want a timeless piece that anyone who appreciates the literature world will appreciate the effort it took to store the rich literature holders.

5. Ankle Grunge Boots
I have been obsessed with these boots and have not come round to buying them. I guess it's because BataKenya have not stocked them yet. Lol. I love them all over the edge so the more buckled the better for me.

I will update the list as I pick more obsessions on the way.
Much love to all my readers.

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