Thursday, 3 September 2015

Stock Take - September - 01

            "Change can be scary, but you know what's scarier? Allowing Fear to stop you from Growing, Evolving and Progressing"  - Mandy Hale

A lot of change is about to happen in my life and my routine and a lot of things. I am scared of all the changes and this quote is all I needed to pick myself up and inject a triple dose of confidence to ensure that I grow, evolve and progress.
Kicking off this week's series:

Reading: The Cousins by Rona Jaffe. A book that focuses on cousins and their families and how their parents always emphasized on them living together an running family businesses and how the children finally married and scattered all over getting together only when necessary mostly during funerals. It also touches slightly on a spouse cheating on their partner and the partner retaliating on the same and realizing it's not worth it.

Googling: How to embrace change. How to be prepared for change. But I guess you have to experience it to know how to go through it.

Watching: Season 4 of 2 broke girls. The fact that Kim K is featured on the first episode kicks it off in high gear. I love. Can't wait for season 5.

Fitness: Finally I got to do something. 45 sec wall squat, 30 fire hydrants and 1 min plank. Going to have better stats next week.

Drinking: Mango Juice. My fav. And lots of water. A looott.

Wearing: Black shorts, chambray shirt, and pink accessories(scarf, shoes, bag).

Snacking: On melon and avocados. My two fav fruits at the moment.

Eating: Veges. Got to eat healthy to get rid of that tummy fat that is starting to pile. Baaadd.

Obsessing: Over whether to cut my hair or keep it. I cut it back in 2012 and it felt great. I feel like I need that again. Salons are just taking a bad toll on me right now and I am not looking forward to the visits at all.
Another change factor.

Gramming: Nothing of late. I got to go back to taking more photos.

That's it for this week. Lots of love.

As Always,

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