Thursday, 17 September 2015

Stock Take - September - 03

A saying goes that if you are a reader you get to travel with the characters and have their experiences. That's why reading has become one of my best pass times.
Wassup people, hope you keeping off the Nairobi heat.
Reading : As I write this, I have just concluded reading Dan Simmons 'Fires of Eden'. It is an interesting read but a bit too detailed on history which I don't like. But it's intriguing talking about ghosts living in volcanic mountains in Hawaii. And a line in there goes,  Trumbo looked at the little woman as if she had began talking in Swahili. I like it when some writers touch close home.
Watching : The Haves And the HaveNots. Addictive. Le mr has been late for work twice because we watched this till late in the night and slept past the alarm. Lol. All good though.

Googling : Myself. Self-love.
Drinking : Tropical Juice. I just went somewhere and they didn't have mango juice so I opted for this. Not that bad.
Fitness : Lazy fire hydrants as I watch tv, and planks. Sigh.
Wearing: Short shorts and backless top.. 'Relaxingly' staying indoors today.
Eating: Spaghetti. It's been a while.
Snacking: The usual as the other posts. Lol. Addiction is real.
Needing: Melon Juice. Especially in this hot weather.
Thinking: Of how I'll get out of bed and get a water refill. Aiming at the 2.5l mark by end of day..
Obsessing : Over books and all those new series coming up on E!.. Like Dash Dolls.
Gramming : Lot's of exciting stuff on MDAStores (em dee aa Stores).  Like the page on Facebook as well MDAStores and support a sister's business.
See you on the next jewelry post.
As always,

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