Wednesday, 9 September 2015

JS02 - Necklaces for Necklines

          "I'm a big believer that accessories can make or break a look" - Nina Garcia

Hello everybody,
Necklaces are great accessories that most people throw on without a second thought. Have you asked yourself why we have pendants, chokers, bibs, chains, etc?
It's because each has it's purpose and time to be worn.

Below is an image of the different necklines that come with most outfits.

To accessorize each neckline,

Image courtesy of Imogen (insideoutstyleblog)

Above are images to give you an idea on what to accessorize with:

Turtle - these go best with longer necklaces; especially chains or pendants.

Crew - Best with collar or bib necklaces.

Scoop - These are best worn with shorter necklaces with more volume.

Strapless - These go best with a choker or a layered chain that falls just on the bosom.

Square - This goes best with pendants with an angular finish(to keep the symmetry going).

Asymmetrical/Off Shoulder - this can go with long chains that have a lot going on or a layered chain.

Halter necks - These need a narrow v shaped pendant preferably with a sharp end.

V neck - these need necklaces with the v shape. Could be wide or narrow depending on how wide the V of the apparel is.

Button down collared shirt - The space left for accessories by this shirt is limited so it would go well with a choker or a very short pendant that sits about the upper most closed button. Or alternatively, if its all buttoned up, you can wear a voluminous short necklace on top of the shirt or a long not too voluminous chain. This depends on which occasion you are dressing for.

Boat neck - This needs long bead chains layered up if possible. Or a simple piece of necklace if going for a minimalist idea.

Cowl - This has a lot of activity going no on its own so a very simple short pendant or avoiding a necklace are the best options.

Sweetheart - A wide round neck piece would be good for cover up of a simple pendant that lies above the bosom.

Bow neck - This has some activity going on for it so it would be best not to let neck pieces fight for attention with the apparel structure.

Round neck - this is all about proportion. The higher the neckline is, the longer the necklace, and vice versa.

Hope this has been of help to you.
Catch up next on the jewellery series.

As Always,
MDA(em dee aa).

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