Monday, 10 August 2015

HS04 - Handbag Storage

Keeping on with the handbag series, we now talking about how to store your handbags.
Some of you might have seen that handbags lose shape or seem old while in storage. Apparently, this is because you store them wrongly.
The best method is where the bag will not be strained or come into contact with dust.
A cabinet divided into sections which can hold between one and three bags(horizontally) is the perfect method. This ensures that the bag is sitting well and the straps are not strained. You can also put the bag inside the wrapper it came in to prevent it from dust.

If that is not possible, a bag holder with hollow spaces where you can slip the bags is also as good. The plus to this is that you can hang it in your closet and save on space big time. It is also economical than having a whole closet with cabinets just for bags (although this is my dream of the future when I'll have a walk in closet - somebody say AMEN!!)

The other ways of hanging handbags is by the straps, not recommended but better than putting them around or folding them. You can have hangers at the back of your door, or have a hanging stand that could hold a good number of them and save up on space.

I hope you now have an idea on how to store your bags. Let them last long by handling them carefully.

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