Sunday, 20 December 2015

#MDAReview - 'E' is for Evidence - Sue Grafton

200 pages.
24 Chapters.
The main character is Kinsey Millhone. Private investigator in California. Aged 32. Divorced twice.
It's almost Christmas. Kinsey works part time for California Fidelity. An insurance firm. And she is investigating a fire that happened at Wood/Warren - a company whose warehouse burned down.
But  a day before Christmas, she discovers five thousand dollars has been deposited to her account and she has no idea who did it. Next thing she knows, she is being accused of fraud together with Lance (eldest son to the late Mr. Wood), who is the current president of the Wood/Warren.
For this, California Fidelity can not have a professional relationship with her. To clear her name, she decides to work for herself for once and know who is behind all this. Who is trying to tarnish her name.
This sees the return of her second ex-husband, getting to associate with the woods again, murders, and finally the truth. By the least person you would expect.
I love the plot. A real page turner. My kind of book.
Have a read.
PS : I found the character (Kinsey) being very much like the bounty hunter Stephanie in Janet Evanovich Plum Series. They both don't shop groceries, eat sandwiches for dinner very often, live in sorry houses but are content with it, divorced and loathing their ex-husbands.
All in all, it's easy to get hooked to them.
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