Tuesday, 8 December 2015

MerilynReverie 01 - Discovering Me

"You will either step forward into growth , or you will step backward into safety." - Abraham Maslow

In the journey of self discovery, things change, and interests as well. We embrace diversity, the want for global appeal, etc.
In my case, I thought I could have a blog (mylynmoulds) that showed my personal style but I was not satisfied with that. 
I took that blog down. I then started another one (D'Africanmama) which was going well but I felt like
the title was not going along with my vision of how I wanted it to be. That's why  I decided to rename it to The Style Chief. This name gives it a universal appeal, not being associated with only Africa (as D'Africanmama seemed to suggest).
Now that I know I want to be an image consultant. An overall style adviser. An etiquette trainer. All that pertains to a well rounded image.
I will admit I was afraid of bashing and the questions of what will people say about it or rather what will people think made me sit back and enjoy my safe comfort zone. 
But there is nothing as bad as a comfort zone where you are not comfortable and mentally at peace. 
I have decided to take it on as it comes and make my mistakes as I strive on to be a better person at what I like best. Step forward into growth and discover me. 

Take this journey with me and let us discover great things. 


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