Wednesday, 14 October 2015

JS03 - Jewellery Storage

Wassup everybody,

As jewellery lovers, we have at one time run out of space to store them and has to pile them in small containers. This becomes a real crisis when you need to wear something that is beneath the rest and you have to spread them out and untangle them properly because some are so delicate. This is a super time consuming process.
I will focus on how I usually store my jewellery since there are many methods and every one has ways that work for them.

So we will get to see which methods are best to store different jewellery.

1) Earrings
These are solid pieces that don't tangle and can be kept together. So a cup, container(box) or small basket would be best to keep these. They also need to be in a space of their own because some are small and might get lost if inappropriately stored. I forgot to get a pic of the small button earrings storage box. It's a candy container that I transformed into a storage box. I hold most of my earrings described here as trend follower kind of stuff in this basket. I arrange them nicely to make sure they do not tangle. 

 Long chains can go by the wall in nails or on those rubber stickers with hooks if you don't want to damage the wall. It is pretty basic for these. 

3) Delicate jewellery
For those that I consider delicate, and obviously love more, go to a hanger where it is easy to retrieve and put back and make sure they don't tangle. 

I know these are not the best ways to store jewellery but I am working on better ways. For now, we make do with these methods without much disappointment; if any.

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