Saturday, 9 January 2016

MerilynReverie 02 - 2016 Resolutions

Howdy y'all?
It's been a while and seems like forever since the last post - which was last year!! 2015 is gone.

I took this week to think of things I would want to achieve this year. Not to pressure myself but put them down to act as reminders.

1. Get a solution for my stubborn hair
My hair is at it's 'stubbornest'. It's never been this hard to handle and I really regret the day I relaxed it which forced me to shave. Then I decided to grow it back. Now it's at an awkward stage. It's unproportional. I don't know how to handle it. But I'm not giving up on it yet. I'm employing some tricks I'm learning and I'll brief you when we get results. So we'll be talking hair a lot this year.

2. More turban experiments
If you follow me on social media then you've seen I love my turbans.. Every time I undo my hair, I tie turbans for a week or so before I get it braided again. My mum likes it but le mister doesn't. Lol.

3. Learn a few make up techniques
I think I'm the only one who knows the least about make up.. Face cream and lip gloss is all I do. I got to be all round and I'm aiming on learning every small detail about this sector. Posts on this coming soon too.

4. Learn on Nail Polish
To be honest, I can't give myself a proper manicure. Not only that, I don't apply polish that well. I can do a great job on the toes, but not that great on the fingers. I prefer to go without on the finger nails but I got to get this right!

5. Maximize on my closet
Styling can transform one outfit to fit different occasions. I've got lots of accessories and I want to maximize on using them. Scarves and necklaces. Earrings.. The whole lot. I'll do posts on this to help you maximize on yours as well.

6. Exercise
This must be the number one cliche resolution considering how many people mention it every beginning of the year. I'm just lazy on it. I've got a skipping rope. A bike and a neighborhood I could cycle in but all I do is sit and read novels all the while. I've got to plan my time well to accommodate all things. Amen.

7. Drop the stock take posts
I don't feel like they go with my blog and I just decided to discontinue them. I'll do any posts unrelated under this #MerilynReverie.

8. Wear heels more often
Yes. I'm a flats kind of girl. I last wore heels on Christmas day. They are gathering dust on the shoe shelf and I got to do something.

Bonus :
9.Keep supporting Manchester United. Enough said. See you on the style streets. Be smart. Be fashionable. Be classy.

The Style Chief.

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  1. Why does everyone have an exercise resolution?? I wish well in all these achievable resolutions but you gotta keep your eye on the price which is achieving them. Am loving the heels resolution because am a heels kinda girl!!