Thursday, 1 October 2015

Stock Take - October - 01

How soon is Christmas approaching?? Jeez. All I am waiting for is the rain since I can't stand the heat. Too much. But I don't want the El-nino. .sigh. Wish we had choices. 
Kicking off this month's stock take:

Reading: I have become a major fan of Janet Evanovich and I just read another book of hers Metro Girl and she did not disappoint at all. I love love love the way she makes women heroes.

Watching: The Haves and the HaveNots season 4, If loving you is wrong sn 1 and I can't wait to lay my hands on season 2 of blood sweat and heels later on today. Weekend set!!!

Googling: Lotsa stuff on lots of things I'm interested in at the moment..

Drinking: Lots of Green Tea.. I'm loving it.

Eating: Masala Chips. This has happened twice in a short span. Keeping off from now on.

Snacking: On water. No jokes. It's beside me on the table when I'm watching movies rather than crisps and ice cream.

Wearing: White rubbers, black leggings, denim shirt, and monochrome scarf.

Thinking: Of when I'll get home and watch my movies. Can the weekend start already?

Obsessing: On shoes.

Gramming: Lots of sale items on mdastores. Have a look and make a purchase. *wink*

That's all for this week. Let's meet next week as we go back to continuing our series on jewellery.

As always,

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