Tuesday, 27 October 2015

SS04 - Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Hi everybody? (Sophie's voice in 2 Broke Girls)
How you doin? (Wendy Williams Voice)
Lol.. In my own voice now, wassup people? Which shoes do you have on today? And which ones did you leave at home? Do you need more shoes? Yes for me!! 

Let's see which shoes we should have in our closets. If you are guilty of having pumps only, ballet flats only, join this class asap and let's update ourselves.

1. The Classic Pump
You can never go wrong with a classic, statement-making pump. In either black or nude or own both!! 

2. The Ankle Boot
This gives the outfit an edgy look immediately. Wear this and you are ready to kick ass real bad. 

3. The ballet flats
These are great for a laid back day. Running lots of errands. Perfect shoe for that. 

4. The low heel tall boot/riding boots
These are super comfortable and you could a lot in them. Best worn when it's not too hot.

5. Sneakers
You need a pair of shoes you can run in (we are a running nation evident by the many marathons being organized and the high turnout of runners). You need a comfy shoe for that. But it is not restricted to that. You could pair your sneakers with a dress, a skater skirt, etc.

6. Wedges
You need that pair of wedges that scream holiday. It doesn't have to be an espadrille with flowery straps (though there's nothing wrong with that). 

7. The Statement Shoe
This is a pair of shoes that stands out. You have to dress down the outfit because nothing should be competing for attention with this pair.

8. The Ankle Strap Sandal
This is a super versatile shoe.. Could be worn to the office, to church, to events ,etc. It's a good investment.

9. The Animal Print Heel
This is sexy. It has a casual feel. Could still go to the office. It's styling ways are limitless.
10. The Metallic Heel
Could be golden; could be silver. It makes a statement. It stands out. Great for an event like a wedding. The red carpet too.
11. Sandals
These are a basic must have. You slip these on if you have a fast errand to run and don't have time to dress up.
12. The All Weather Boot
Great for the sun and warm enough for the cold. Perfect shoe.

13. The Masculine Shoe
Of course we need one of these. Some of you could go for converse or any other but my bias will go to timberland boots. Yes hunni. 
These are basic pairs of shoes that you should have. Get you some people.. In all colors if you like them bad enough.. We all dreaming towards a walk in closet. And we can never have enough.

See you in the next post.

As always,


  1. LOve the statement heels. Those are the kind you wear after a visit to your insurance provider.


    1. Haha.. Yeah.. The shoe commands attention by itself and people give you space without you asking :)