Friday, 16 October 2015

Stock Take- October - 03

Hey y'all,
El nino kicked off and stopped almost immediately. But I feel like it was warning us that it is still on its way and we should be prepared. Don't be caught offguard.
Kicking off this week's stock take:

Reading: I am done reading Eleven on Top by Janet Evanovich. I so love these Stephanie Plum series by her. I then started on Alma Mater by Rita Mae Brown but it is not that interesting to me.. The real story has started in chapter 8. I like books that kick off in high gear not give narrations. Anyway, I'll try to finish it. I am so happy I got my brother to join in the band wagon of reading novels. Amen.
Watching : Baby Daddy sn 3 and 4 and the first four episode of LHH Hollywood.. I have re-watched these for like 5 times and I can't wait for the full series.. 

Googling: About shoes in preparation for our next series. Keep it here to see if you got the right ones. 
Drinking: Water.. Just water.. I have managed to keep off soda and juice for long.. Yaaayy me.. :)
Wearing: A blue maxi summer dress with wooden embellishments at the neck. I got this dress back in 2012 (a case of buying it because you can't imagine someone else having it) then wondering where I will wear it. It survived the philanthropic episodes of giving out what I don't wear and a month ago I fished it from the corner I had thrown it and it is a gem. 
Obsessing: I am currently obsessing over Pepe Minambo. This guy is a real motivator. I am on a mission to get all his books.
Eating: Pilau. Can I have it everyday? I wish I could cook it daily but I am not the most active in the kitchen. 
Knowing: There are many forces that will hold you back when you want to do something. Go against them. Rebuke those spirits. There are also a lot people who will not be happy for you no matter what you do or what you get. They will not be happy for what you have. They will not support you in your journey. Ignore them. Live your life. Work hard. Delete time wasters from your life. Be focused.
Wondering: Why people are just getting to watch Narcos when I watched it more than two months ago ?? "Brag mode" Lol.
Feeling: Grateful for my mother. She collected novels and magazines (since she was in school) for us to read when we were all in school or grown up instilling a reading bug in us. I am doing the same and building on my book collection for my kids. I would want them to have the same reading culture than my siblings and I have.
Quote of the day "Don't waste your time addressing every small distraction in your journey towards success. Dogs will always bark at every passing car. "

Have a superb weekend. 

As always,

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