Thursday, 12 November 2015

Stock take - November - 02

Another week gone and oh my .. how many days is it to Christmas? I sure wasn't ready.
How awesome is it that there is a book vendor at every corner of the streets? Apparently I think I now know who is in business with who and who is related to who.. *sigh*   .. Some even agree to call you when your favorite author lands.. Hunni, the world is at peace here.. All planets are in order (insert Momma Dee's voice).
Book Addiction is real right here fam.. 

Let's kick off the stock take:

Reading: This week I have read Smitten by Janet Evanovich. It also has a kick ass grand ma as part of the characters. Yasss!!  Then I suffered a reality check(see image below) with the finishing of that and I couldn't start another one until I found this book that is part of the Silhouette Desire books called The Secret Millionaire by Ryanne Corey. And this morning I have started on Zapped by Carol Higgins Clark.

Watching : I re-watched Blank Ink Crew Sn 2 for sometime this week.. No time for anything else except books .. 

Googling : Authors.. Adding to my to-get list all books by authors I love.. Imagine the 22nd book in the Stephanie Plum series is being launched this November. I wish I lived in an author's hub to attend all these releases and get to buy autographed copies.. And be among the first to own them.. #WishfulThinking

Drinking : Less water.. I just noticed that this past week I am doing around 1.5litres a day.. Need to improve.

Eating : Chapati.. It's been a while since I ate these and I'm glad I did this week

Snacking : On bananas.. They remain a favorite.

Wearing: White rubbers, blue jeans, black top. Accessorised in red (bag, earrings, scarf).

Listening : To several artists... I have a favorites playlist, then a super favorites which narrows down to a super super favs playlist.. The tracks reduce as the interest increases.. The super super favs playlist contains songs I would listen to any time of day.. They are full of energy and I play them when I'm going about my chores.. And sing along to every track. The good life.. Happiness. .. Gilad tops this list though...

Obsessing : Over books and their vendors.. Yeap!! You got to have a good relationship with your vendor.. My main one is a bit far and I faithfully bypass all others as I head off to his territory.. 

 Excited : About this book I just bought this morning.. There is a vendor just outside the building I school at and I found myself browsing his books before I went in only for my eyes to land on Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks..

That's all for this week's stock take.. See you next week.
As always,

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