Tuesday, 24 November 2015

MS03 - Tie Colors, Their Meaning and Your Personality(2)

”A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” – Oscar Wilde

This is a continuation of the previous post on ties.

7. Orange tie

 This is a happy color. Almost a wild card. Shows you are enthusiastic,energetic, open-minded and adventurous. But could also be read as egocentricity and dominance. It's the perfect tie for creating a memorable first impression. 

8. Green tie
This shows confidence, restfulness and reassurance. And dependability. This is because it is a color commonly associated with nature and the environment. But it could also say that you are stubborn or envious. It is best worn with a bright shirt paired with blue, light gray or tan suit.

9. Purple tie
This is the royal color. Shows nobility, peace, spirituality and regality. It depicts calmness and in control. In a corporate setting, it's best worn when you want to stand out of a crowd without being too distracting. Best worn with tan or light gray suits. 

10. Black tie
 This depicts formality in all forms. Common in formal evening function when where they are worn with white shirts, black/charcoal suits and black dress shoes (black tie dress code). It gives a sophisticated vibe if worn to evening functions. 
If aiming for a casual setting, you could wear a white shirt, shiny black tie, tied loose with the top shirt button undone, a pair of jeans and sporty shoes i.e. loafers. 

11. White tie
It's a pure color. It is mostly used as an accentuation color on the neck tie in terms of stripes, dots or checks.
White ties are rare in the corporate setting but great for a casual/trendy look. It is best paired with a black dress shirt, washed jeans, and a cardigan sweater.

12. Brown tie
This portrays a mature and established personality. Avoid one that is too plain; it shows that you have a dull personality. Avoid pairing it with similar earth tones, be it a suit or shirt. Pair it with an off white shirt and maybe a navy suit and dark brown dress shoes. 

 That's it for tie colors. A post on some do's and don'ts will be up soon to help with tie and shirt combinations. 
See you soon. 

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