Saturday, 7 November 2015

#MDAReview - Blood Orchid(Stuart Woods)

The setting of this book is in a small town called Orchid Beach in Florida.
It has:
65 chapters. 
342 Pages. 
The lead character is Holly Barker. She is police chief of Orchid Beach. She is meeting her dad Ham for dinner when she runs into Ed Shine and they become quick friends. Ed Shine is into real estate and had just moved to Florida. Word was that he had retired from the business and sold his share of the business to his partner. He invited Holly and Ham over to his house to see the Orchids he was growing.
While in the greenhouse, gunshots are fired and Holly, Ham and Ed are on the ground. The bullet missed Ed by a whisker.
Two property developers have already been killed. What connection do they have with Ed Shine?
. Who tried to kill Ed Shine?
. What is an undercover FBI doing in Orchid Beach?
. What is shady about Palmetto Gardens?
A book full of misery, suspense, lots of what ifs and predictions. You got to lay your fingers on this one.
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