Monday, 23 November 2015

MS02 - Tie Colors, Their Meanings and Your Personality

"Neck ties satisfy the modern man's desire to dress in art" 
- Harry Anderson 
Most professional men wear ties. In some offices it is mandatory to wear a tie. Most men stick to the same color or different shades of the same color. Others wear different colors depending on occasion. 
What does this all mean?

1. Red Tie

This is referred to as the power tie. It means business!!! It's a reaffirmation of strength, authority and dominance in the professional world. It is associated with passion, love and it is attention -grabbing. 
It is a bold look that will make you the center of attention so if that is not what you are going for, tone it down to a darker shade of red. It is best paired with a light shirt and a dark suit.

2. Burgundy tie
This is a shade of red that is less aggressive. Saying something like "I'm willing to negotiate a little". It shows you are a little softer and more approachable. Red and it's shades (burgundy, maroon, cherry) are popular with politicians and heads of corporate businesses who need to have a stamp of authority.

3. Pink tie

This is the romantic color. It might not be taken so seriously in the office but that does not mean it should not be worn to the office. Pair it with dark suits (gray, charcoal, navy) , avoiding earth tones like olive and dark brown. The shirt should be a minimalist (white is the safest), mostly a plain bright color. Overall, this shows a very soft side and is perfect for dates.

4. Navy tie
Most popular tie color. It is the safest tie color to wear. It depicts calmness, elegance and maturity. It is a timeless piece. It gives a classic professional feel and can be worn in the business environment without sending the wrong message. Navy blue is a trusted color and gives confidence. It is popular with sales men and politicians too; especially during campaigns. It is best paired with a classic white shirt and a pin stripe light gray suit. 

5. Light Blue tie

This is a soft,playful and introspective color that depicts youthfulness and liveliness. It appears more approachable. It best paired with a dark suit.. Preferably charcoal gray.
6. Yellow tie
This lies in the same category as a gold tie. It is considered playful.It also depicts creativity, optimism and cheerfulness. It shows confidence and the fact that you are not afraid of challenges. It shows that you are approachable. It is best suited for non formal events like weddings and would look best paired with a charcoal gray suit or a beige one.

We end this here to avoid it being too lengthy. More tie colors in the next post.
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