Thursday, 23 July 2015

Stock Take - July - 02

I am super excited about this series.. Lol..Let's get started

Reading: Goodness. I am reading, or rather, just finished reading this book earlier today. The kind of book you put down and tuck in for the night but your mind ends up thinking of what's happening next(especially towards the end) that you have to wake up and read on. It's 'Hollywood Kids' by Jackie Collins.

Googling: Handbag stuff. It's amazing how when you are interested in something you study it like class 2 maths.

Drinking : Hot water with lemon.. Trying to find out the benefits that people praise upon it.

Fitness: Ten squats every morning.. It's progress. Will be more active by next week.

Wearing : Jeans, rubbers, a t shirt. Carrying a shopper bag. Going window shopping at a market so had to be properly prepared for the hustle.

Eating : Green peas.. Thanks to my mum.

Snacking : On biscuits and juice. Bad. Very bad. Getting fruits on my way from this computer.

Obsessing: Rather window shopping for boots.. I need another pair badly.. Get here August. Clue: I would not mind that for a birthday present.

Pinning : Following lots of handbag pages on PInterest. Can't get enough of it. Check my links here.

Gramming : Photos from my sister's graduation that happened last Friday. Blast.

That's it for this week. With the POTUS being in town from tomorrow, it is holiday for me from this evening till Monday. That means another exciting novel down and lotsa movies. I don't want to be caught anywhere near all roads closed for Obama so should you.

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